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At first, when I was a new member here, I donated to the site because at most I wanted the perks. I kinda, sorta aimed for the blog and nothing else. Second time I donated on this account, I mainly wanted to support it...didn't care for the perks.

Why did I donate? Because I love PC. I am attached to it. So, I feel it definitely deserves donations, because it's pretty much the best site to go to. I've pretty much put forth about $50 towards PC, combining both my old account and this account. And to be honest, I'm quite proud. I'm pretty sure everyone who has donated here felt proud of themselves for donating to PC, right?

It's not an obligation, but many of us do it because we care about PC.

@macho - If it's a prepaid debit card, Paypal *should* accept it.

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