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Love is in the air
So it's Valentines day on the 14th, as you'd know. Inspired by Weighty's words involving Syd's challenge, this came to mind! Anyway so due to this romantic day, I thought of a romantic event for the day (American EST 12am February 14th - 12am February 15th)! :3

Sign-ups are from now until the 14th. If there's an uneven number, I'll participate.

How is it played?
Basically, you sign up here, and you'll be randomly paired up with another user who signs up. If you want to be paired up with a certain user in specific, send a PM to me. If they send a PM to me too, you'll be paired up. Buuut this has to remain secret, kind of like a secret Valentine. Say I wanted to be partnered with Wolf, I'd send a PM to myself and hope Wolf does too, then we'd be partnered up for the tourney.

The catch is that on the day both of you must battle others (except your partner). Post each of your wins/losses in the thread, and the wins/losses will be averaged out (meaning if you lose you'll lose a point for your couple and if you win, you'll win a point for your couple). The tier? Anything you'd like, although if you play an actual tier, you have to use at least one pink Pokemon, according to the PokeDex (this will not apply to randbats/challenge cup). Battles for other tournies also won't count. Keep in mind that due to losses taking a point off your score that challenge cup and randbats might not be the safest option.

- All standard BC battle rules apply.
- Make sure you use at least one pink Pokemon in your team if you're playing anything other than randbats/challenge cup.

~ None yet.

I'm paired with and in love with Frizy