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Hello guys, just a bump, this is the spriter. Glad to see y'all are giving positive feedback about my sprites, but there's one issue that's been troubling me. You see, the hack is nigh-finished, but there's only two things missing, and one of them is optional. Both of them though, have to be done by me. One of them is the sprite of Viroach, the other is a redesign of Ludicolo. Now, the EVIL REAL LIFE has been getting in the way of me making either of those, but it is certain that I will make Viroach. However, the issue is that I probably will not redesign Ludicolo, because there's not enough free time/motivation for me to do so. BUT. If there is enough people who want me to give Ludicolo a facelift, I will do it. As they say, by popular demand.
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