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Quote originally posted by AWsquared:
I'd like to join if I haven't. There doesn't seem to be a form, but there's one from a few weeks ago?
Name: AWsquared
Starters: Treecko and Snivy.
Why I would like to join: I love the starter and always stay loyal with them in any game. They're not the strongest Pokemon, but I feel I need to keep them on my team cause they grow an attachment to me.

Answer the topic: I'd change Chespin for a Grass/Fightning Koala Pokemon. Like this one:

(1st stage) (2nd stage)

I like Chespin and really think it's cute, but I really want a koala starter or a Grass/Fightning. Though we may end up getting a koala Pokemon hopefully and I'd be happy if Chespin's evos are part Fighting.

I think i would pesonally keep him at Galucuff cus he looks so cool in that form! Timberawl is meh...imo