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A Valentines Special:
Newly-weds Challenge
Wanna test your knowledge of your pair, or a friend? Come along and take the test :3 Also make sure you read over all the information in this thread before signing you and your pair up. Once this thread is posted feel free to sign up, however you have to post the name of your pair or friend so make sure you actually know who it is!

So what does this challenge involve?

Just reply to this thread in that you wish for both your pair and you to participate. Make sure that you're paired in Other Trivia's pairing thread, and then you're eligible for this (if you're also paired up in the matchmakers thread then you'll also be able to apply for this - however keep in mind you'll have better chances of doing better if you've been paired with someone for a while, rather than a few days). Scratch that, any two people can enter as long as they've made sure the other person knows, they don't necessarily have to be paired through PC's pairing system. Feel free to enter as many pairings (by pairings I mean unofficial or official pairs, of friends, romantic friends, etc) as you'd like!

My pair, ______ and I are entering, hook us up etc.
Then, after that once it hits February 19th American EST (so you have a day to get to know your match-up if you're entering as part of the matchmaker thread), you'll each be sent out a PM. This is when it's crucial not to talk about the contents of the PM to your pair. In said PM, you'll each receive the same questions, but you have to reply to it how you think your partner would respond (you'll also be asked to answer with what you would actually answer, too, to make sure at the end I can confirm it's correct!) Simple! You'll have more fun if you don't ask your partner what they'd respond, and given that there's no prizes then you're only cheating yourself (except maybe an emblem). At 12am American EST (when February 21st starts) the results will be announced in this thread - which could become amusing to read. :3

Also, throughout the event feel free to do couple-y things with one another around PC if you want to!


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