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Art Battle #2 - Topic Selection

Back when there was a competition sub-forum in existence and competitions like SoTW and Icontest were held regularly, we had this rule where the winner of a contest would select the theme/topic for the successive contest. Things went on smoothly for the most part but there were times when the topic that was selected wasn't as appealing to other members as it was to the winner and we used to get little to no contestants. So, in order to prevent the occurrence of something like that, me and Alexial have decided to ask for your opinion. We would like all A&D members to come together and discuss about topics that you all find appealing. The one which is agreed upon by most will probably end up being selected.

So yeah, what do you think should be the topic for the next art battle?
If I'm allowed to provide input - the topic with the most amount of freedom would be freestyle. You can go for that. Although it'll be difficult for you guys to judge it, you can go wild with a theme like that.