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I have three, but I'm starting to think four.

In no particular order:

Entei. It looks so beautiful and strong and lion-like. I hate most of the Pokemon movies, but the 3rd one with him in it was really cool. So particularly, I guess my favorite Pokemon would have to be Crystal Entei. It's pretty much all in the design, though. It just looks so perfect @_@

Delcatty & Skitty. In my first playthrough of Mystery Dungeon, I was a Skitty and evolved into a Delcatty. I was around 10, and I was ridiculously attached to that game. So they're more nostalgia and attachment, but I do like they're designs, especially Skitty. Cute, simple, and kinda creative.

Shinx? I really love this little guy. He's so cute. I do think he's a bit... overdesigned, though. Still, he looks cute and apparently is based off of Kimba. <3