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Pokémon FULL So You Went to Prison [M]

Started by StinkomanFan November 17th, 2015 2:58 PM
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The Thing with Questionable Taste

Seen December 3rd, 2015
Posted November 22nd, 2015
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So You Went To Prison: A Dramedy Sandbox
Rated M for dialog and violence
GM: StinkomanFan

Opening Letter

Welcome to Atrapat Prison, the highest security chamber for only the most dangerous of criminals. The year doesn't matter, most people have been here so long they just plum stopped counting 'em. Some people just let time fly, and wait for their chance at the parole board. You ain't some people though, and you know the last person who got out of this prison on Parole just ended up right back in anyways. If you're here it's for one of two reasons: A. You're paid to be here or B. You're required by law to be here.

"But wait" you says, "what about my pokemon? They're the only things I ever cared about in this cold, unforgiving world." That's good news and bad news. Good news is that your pokemon are safe and you're able to visit them daily. Bad news is that they're set up for adoption, and the moment they're adopted you can never, ever see them again. Now you see why most want out so fast, given that alliances like them don't come around often. Even more bad news though, the guards aren't just allowed pokemon, but they can bring 'em to work as muscle, so think twice before using that shiv, eh?

Atrapat is a rather large place, which makes sense considering all the gangs that run around. Four stories, six prison blocks each equipped with two shower areas. Each area links to the main building, where there's the Laundry center, a cafeteria, a library, a gym, and a massive prison yard. Two visitor centers are present, one for people, the other for pokemon. There's a license plate machine in the metalworks room located next to the woodworks room. Don't get any bright ideas though, guards are going through random cavity and cell searches, and if anything somehow slipped past the metal detectors, you'll find yourself in Solitary Confinement. Even with your unhappiness they have to keep SOME attention to your health, so if you get shanked or start getting sick you get to lay down in those nice soft hospital beds in the Medical Ward.

Atrapat is unique in some regards, mostly in that it's a co-ed prison. Women and men both pay their debts to society here, but once again, don't get too comfortable. Anything past holding hands is a ticket to solitary

Basic Rules
  • No godmodding
  • No Powerplaying or bunnying~
  • No Metagaming
  • No Retcons
  • No Doubleposting~
  • Legendaries and Shinies are not allowed, but given this is about criminals of the pokemon world, they can however be involved in your character's backstory if approved.
  • Have fun!
Rules marked with ~ do have exceptions, but ask me before you do any of them.

A History of Atrapat/The Plot
In the year 1998, Team Rocket was defeated and a majority of its members were arrested and charged for numerous crimes. With a large influx of criminals too dangerous for normal prisons, but not crazy enough for asylums, Atrapat was founded by Warden Nevasan as part of the Anti-Rocket Movement. Although there was a brief revival of Team Rocket in 2001, the prison never faced overcrowding until the teams Aqua and Magma were brought in from Hoenn, leading to riots that resulted in the untimely death of Nevasan. His replacement, Warden Almadup, fearful of befalling that same fate boost security and expanded the prison. With the arrival of Teams Galactic, Plasma, and Flare, the prison expanded even more. Thanks to the fear of Almadup, Atrapat is now the largest prison in the region.

The prison still runs today, obviously. Although, you were pretty shocked to hear you were going THERE instead of somewhere a lot less dangerous.

But let me start over; you are a former Team Member who has been found guilty of varying crimes. Whether you did them or not doesn't matter because you're heading to Hell on Earth. The guards are cold and heartless, the gangs even more-so. As bad-ass or harmless you think you are, you're gonna want to get out before your pokemon are taken from you forever. This isn't easy, though. Metal Detectors, pokemon, barbed wire, brick and steel walls all block your path out to the general population. Nobody, literally nobody has gotten out of Atrapat early unless it was on the way to the morgue. You're gonna need allies, weapons, tools, strength, and smarts if you want to survive this prison, but you'll need substantially less if you want to get out. That, simply stated, is your goal: getting out of jail.

Or maybe I got you confused with someone else; You're a guard. You clock in from 9 to 5 to deal with literally hundreds of people who are moments away from attacking you. Why? Maybe you have a family to feed and need the money. Maybe you wanted a job where you could bring your best buddy Flareon along. Maybe you want to prove those punks at the Police Academy that you're so much more than they'll ever be. Whatever the reason, your objective is just as simple: DON'T LET THEM OUT OF JAIL. Failure will result in losing your job and, if there's anything connecting you to the escape directly, you will go to jail. If they can't find any proof any guards were involved, they'll more than likely scapegoat someone for letting all sorts of felons out.


Guards and Staff
  • Warden Almadup (to be linked)
Criminal Record (Sign-Up Sheet, Inmates)

Name: Self-Explanatory
Mugshot (Appearance): A picture is best, but a two paragraph description of at least eight sentences works just as well.
Birthdate: Identifies your characters' age
Gender: Male or Female, no third option.
Crime(s) and Sentence: For sake of convenience this link will be the last say on what counts as bad enough to get sent to Atrapat. A one paragraph description written from the arresting officer's perspective of the crime.
Known relatives and allies: Anyone who'll visit or has potential to discuss more private matters with. Pretty much just minor NPCs to talk with so the characters don't end up mumbling everything to themselves. Optionally, you can also put which gang(s) the character was affiliated with.
Pokemon: These were the pokemon your inmate was captured with. Depending on how dangerous or how useful they are, the visits may be limited. (Sorry guys with Psychic, Dark, and Poison types!)
Strengths: Like real people, your character should have skills that let them be useful in this dangerous location.
Weaknesses: One for each strength, and being too good at something doesn't count. Try to keep both of these categories realistic.
History and Biography: Three paragraphs with five sentences each describing the character's past and personality. It can be written by anyone, or multiple people, just so long as it's not the character themselves and they have a close connection to the inmate (I.E. Doctors, Brothers, Sisters, Legal Guardians, etc.).

Resume (Sign-Up Sheet, Staff)

Name: You know what this is for.
Staff Photo (Appearance): A picture is best, but a two paragraph description of at least eight sentences works just as well.
Birthdate: Identifies your character's age.
Gender: Male or Female, no third option.
Known relatives and allies: Unlike the inmates, these people are pretty much the staff's Next of Kin and will have no effect on the story. Good for world-building though!
Pokemon: These are the pokemon your staff member will use during work hours. You're allowed up to six, but you can only have one of them out at a time. Don't worry about inmates stealing the pokeballs either, your pokemon will be trained to listen to only you.
Strengths: Like real people, your character should have skills that let them be useful in this dangerous location.
Weaknesses: One for each strength, and being too good at something doesn't count. Try to keep both of these categories realistic.
History/Biography/References: Three paragraphs with five sentences each describing the character's past and personality. It can be written by anyone, or multiple people!

Have you ever wanted something, but never been able to take it? Well now you can! If an object fits in your hand, it fits in your inventory. Just add a statement about taking something at the end of your post, then post what else is in your inventory and voila! It's yours!
Old Lemmy has taken: Plastic Fork
Old Lemmy is carrying: Plastic Fork, Pocket Lint, Old Photo

But having something and not using it doesn't seem all that fair. Obviously, you'll want to use it. The best part of this is that YOU make the solutions to puzzles YOU face! As long as it makes sense to the GM and has a point to it, you can do it!
Old Lemmy uses the Plastic Fork on steak.
You use the fork to eat your meal.
Old Lemmy is Carrying: Plastic Fork, Pocket Lint, Old Photo

Solitary Confinement
Solitary Confinement is basically a simple mechanic. If your a prisoner and get caught doing something wrong, your inventory is lost. It is possible to convince guards to let you keep certain items or avoid confinement at all if you're able to come up with a legitimate excuse for possessing it or doing something. For a certain number of days your visiting rights will be suspended as well, so be careful. It's more like a bag of spilling than real Solitary Confinement, but locking your character away for days or weeks at a time won't work in real world or game world time so...

Allying yourself with other players is a given, but you can also ally yourself with certain pokemon! Yes, guards' or inmates' pokemon may not initially listen to you or cooperate if you're on the opposing side, but if you're able to build up a bond that's strong enough (determined by the player of said pokemon) you can earn their favor. Obviously they won't tear out their master's throat or dig a hole leading out of the walls for you, but if you want something that you know their master owns or want to distract somebody they'll probably help you there.

"What's the fun in being a guard?" You ask. "You don't get to have any fun, and just stick around policing a bunch of no-neck crooks." That is where you're wrong! Theft, Conspiracy, and even Assault is open to you as one of the members of the guard (so long as it's against the inmates). Want a deck of cards that an inmate has obtained through perfectly legal and legible means? You're the one with a gun, buddy! Inmate have a smoke and won't let you have one? Whip out your baton and show him who's who. Inmate spending too long saying goodbye to that pokemon friend he's raised since it was born, and won't let go no matter how hard you yell at him? You have a stun-gun, don't you? Thing is, however, if another member of the guard spots you doing this and you don't have a legitimate-sounding excuse, you get a strike. Three strikes means you "change sides" and are now one of the inmates. It's like an ironic punishment or somethin'!

More to come(?)


The Thing with Questionable Taste

Seen December 3rd, 2015
Posted November 22nd, 2015
221 posts
6.9 Years
Here it is, the example of a "proper" character sheet, as well as some information on the mysterious Old Lemmy.

Name: Lemard Nalton AKA Old Lemmy, Lemmy Left-Hand (formerly)

Mugshot (Appearance): Old Lemmy was once the most attractive man in Team Rocket, but not anymore. Years piled on him what was left off of most people. He's covered head to toe in wrinkles, liverspots, and weird grey hairs, but none on the top of his head. He has a long, oval face with beady blue eyes and a long, crooked nose gained from the prison's first riot.
Old Lemmy wears the same prison jump suits he was given since he was arrested, they've grown baggy and are a faded orange, as opposed to most of the inmate's uniforms. His prison number, #00001, has faded and had to be re-sewn onto the uniform multiple times. He is a tall, scrawny man with limbs that look like they barely hold him up, and they don't because he lives in his wheelchair. Old Lemmy's body is covered in scars and wounds from his livelier years amongst the rockets, and quite a few more from tough guys who wanted to show how bad they were (they always lose).

Birthdate: August 9th, 1957

Gender: Male

Crime(s) and Sentence: The day Old Lemmy was arrested for murder and assault with a deadly weapon was a day that lives in infamy. There was a call about a disturbance in the Bug Park, and how they'd heard screams. A mysterious black car had been spotted leaving the scene, but the scene itself was terrible. A young trainer had been beaten with a baseball bat and all his pokeballs and items stolen. He died in the hospital, but forensics were able to find partial prints on the bat, fingering Old Lemmy as the culprit. He went to prison swearing it would never hold him.

Known relatives and allies: Former enforcer for Team Rocket, his only living relative is his son, who only visits on Father's Day and Christmas.

Pokemon: Raticate (adopted), Zubat (adopted)

Strengths: Old Lemmy is cunning and intelligent, and has a photographic memory.

Weaknesses: Unfortunately for him, he requires an oxygen tank to live, which is not easy to haul around when bound to a wheelchair. As a result, he's not agile at all. Lemmy is also as weak and frail as a newborn kitten, anything heavier than five pounds gives him a hard time.

History and Biography: Three paragraphs with five sentences each describing the character's past and personality. Excerpt from Team Rocket's Blasting Off Again; "Of the gang's many arms that held Kanto and Johto by the throat, there was no more fearsome an enforcer than Lemmy Left Hand. Lemmy ran with Team Rocket for two years, but in this time he has been connected to and accused of fifty murders, disappearances, and assaults, as well as hundreds of threats. An immigrant from Orre, Lemmy was poor and suffering from Sickle-Cell Anemia, which limited his abilities in his youth and teen years. That all changed one fateful birthday, where a teenage boy bullied him in front of a youth center that would later be identified as one of Team Rocket's many headquarters. Having seen Lemmy's problems, the Rockets adopted him and taught him to defend himself. The rest became history."
Memoirs of an Anonymous Informant, 1998; "There we were, sitting in the headquarters, when [expunged] and Lemmy came in, covered in blood, carrying all sorts of pokeballs and items. The hit was a success, that kid had cheated the casino for the last time and payed his final price. We didn't think anything of it, Lemmy'd done far worse wetwork and left even more clues and he still got off scott-free. That's when he tossed me one of the kid's pokeballs, laughing, telling me to open it. I pocketed it, telling him I'd give it to my son, who loved that sorta stuff. I'd used that excuse before, and it worked well here just as it had every time before. Except this time, it got a conviction."
Medical Report, November 1st 2014 by Doctor Reggie Devins; "Once again I had been brought Lemard, fresh from another incident at Atrapat prison. Lemard had suffered multiple compound fractures in his sternum and ribcage, his bones having been growing less dense due to his old age. Thankfully it appears this injury had been sustained by falling down a stairwell rather than an assault like his more recent visits had, although he had claimed to have been pushed. My prognosis is not good: Lemard will be wheelchair bound for the rest of his life, and will require an oxygen tank to prevent his lungs from collapsing. His medications have been changed to accommodate his oxygen tank. Reggie Devins~"
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