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Quote originally posted by CloysterOyster:
I don't know if this has been discussed, but I can't but think so. They seem to have a father/son type of bond and implying that Ash never knew his father, I recall his mom saying that it took Ash's dad 4 days to travel from Pallet Town To Viridian City. Isn't Oak kind of slow like that too? It got me thinking. I think Oak being Ash's dad was kept secret from Ash to protect him due to Oak's celebrity. I also think that Gary Oak could be Ash's brother in some way or a cousin.
Quote originally posted by ShinyUmbreon189:
@Cloyster, if Oak were his father then Gary could be his uncle but it's the wrong family relationship or whatever.
Gary would be his Nephew not his Uncle. If Oak were Ash's Dad, that would make Ash's brother Gary's Dad.

Quote originally posted by CloysterOyster:
Can't be his son because Gary is older, and too young to be his uncle. Could be cousin or brother. Delia seems to get along with Oak and he visits her sometimes.
Gary and Ash are both 10, they are actually the same age. Gary may be older by date, but both are 10 as of debute.

Quote originally posted by CloysterOyster:
How does that work???????????
Uncle/Nephew is just a label for family ties. The Uncle is the brother of your father while the Nephew is the son of your brother. So if Ash was Prof. Oak's son, Gary would be Ash's Nephew since Ash is Gary's Father's brother.

I say his father because Professor Oak and Gary share the same last name meaning the father was an Oak unless the mom never married, which isn't common nor looked highly upon in Japan so safe to say his dad was an oak.

Either way, Uncle/Aunt aren't age related titles. Just ways to call your parent's siblings. I have an aunt that is 14 years younger than I am.
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