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Quote originally posted by Forever:
I really like this idea. I'm just questioning the design and how unappealing that could be, added to fan reception, because they certainly didn't like the ice cream. ;x

Yet the Cherry Pokemon goes completely unnoticed for a whole generation until people start complaining about the ice cream. Most likely its because the Ice Cream is a much better battler than the Cherry. Besides, what's Ice Cream without the Cherry on top? Right?

Quote originally posted by Twilight Sky:
Darkrai was more like the Nightmare Pokemon rather than "grim reaper". I don't think we have a grim reaper Pokemon(unless Duskull/Dusclops count as one?), so that'd be really cool. n_n
Ya Dusknoir is pretty much the Grimreaper Pokemon. He personally shepards lost souls to the after life, like in the one anime episode where he sends some little girl's ghost onward.

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