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Originally Posted by pokemonmaster42 View Post
well the way i see it is all u can do is to raise pikachu past level 30 and try your best if possible cuz as stated in the anime ash did not evolve pikachu at all
Irrelevant. And also kind of shows where the hack fails. The hack gives us a choice to follow the anime completely or not. We can evolve Pikachu, we can evolve and keep Bulbasuar and Squirtle. We can keep Butterfree around and Primeape. We can catch all the wild pokemon we come across. We can use a completely different team than Ash used etc. The game offers us the ability to do some things differently than what was seen in the anime. Which is good.

Where the hack fails is that it does not do this more often. I completely wrecked Brockk the first time I fought him and yet it still acted as if I lost. I obliterated Hitmochan when he attacked me yet the game acted as If I lost. It was those forced roadblocks that made the hack fail a bit. It could have been so much more than just a hack that was the anime in video game form. Sadly it did try a bit, but ultimately failed. And gave us too much freedom while enforcing too many road blocks.
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