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SO I've been an avid spriter for quite awhile now, and altho I like to hack, nothing ever seems to end up *working* in the long run. As a result, my sprites never come to use, and as I feel like that's a bit of a waste, I thought I'd post them here.

I'm not looking for any critique's, and I'm aware some of these are not /fantastic/ pieces of work, but I'm proud of them for one reason or another, and I ask for some respect.

If for whatever reason you believe these are good enough for your hack, feel free to use them BUT please let me know so I may play it and see them in action! :D

Beijay: normal/flying

Dalaijay: normal/flying

Colchick: ice/flying

Crujay: dark/flying

Demijay: dark/flying

Ghoulrise: ghost

Ghoulshok: ghost

Warrija: fighting

Hunnijab: bug/flying

Decair: Fire/Ghost

Fisudra: water/grass

Starpop: rock/psychic
(Solrock/Lunatone pre-evo)

Palras: water
(Lapras pre-evo)

Drifship: ghost/flying
(Drifloon/Drifblim evo)

Exeggrowth: grass/psychic
(Exeggcute/Exeggutor evo)

Clowthorn: grass/poison
(alternate Roselia evo)

Singalot: normal/flying
(Chatot evo)

Teltuo: electric/ghost
(Rotom evo)

Please enjoy, I may post more depending on how well these are received. ^ -^

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