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Quote originally posted by FBI agent:
I don't see why you couldn't rename those "something"s into more meaningful names. Right now those might as well be hex offsets, since they give about the same information as "something".

The point is that if you are asking people for suggestions to optimize your code, you should not make them have to re-research everything themselves.

At the very least you could comment what you're trying to do. If you just changed some pointers at the end and don't really know whats going on, that's a different story.
You keep saying it's my code. I told you that I ported it and that's it. I called those offsets "SOMETHING" because they needed a name for me to make it so it could be assembled. I only put the "suggestions to optimize" thing because there may be ways it can be improved, not because I am looking for ways to improve it.

It's people like you why I hate posting stuff on here. Either read and understand what you read or don't bother posting. Bye now. "Clicks on ignore."
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