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☁ Pokémon ☪osmicEmerald Version ☁

Base ROM: Pokémon Emerald Version (U)


I originally released this over at PHO (and more recently its successor, Silph Co.), and brought it to PokéCommunity due to several requests. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Alright, so this hack has been a long time in the making - having been worked on in little phases at a time, ever since I started learning about ROM hacking several years ago. Can’t really remember when (maybe 2010?).

It was put on hiatus several times due to life-stuff, and a couple of times I had even redone it from the beginning to find and remove any and all glitches/errors; I spent most of the time trying to figure out what the most minimalistic/efficient ways to implement everything were. Finally it's here, and as of the latest update nearly all of the features I had planned are in!

A change-log (different from the one here) has been kept documenting every single change that has been made (as well as dates-of editing, revisions and future ideas), for the sake of being able to quickly and easily pinpoint the cause of any errors. Choices in programs and how they were used have been carefully considered to avoid glitches. I am also trying to keep the save-data structure of the base ROM intact so that the regular Emerald's game saves will remain 'backwards/forwards' compatible (originally for testing scripts, graphics, etc.). This may change in the future, but it will be on a separate branch of this project.


This is largely a "quality of life improvement" type of ROM hack, and does not alter the main storyline. It retains all the features the original Emerald has, but adds several things to the mix to make it more fulfilling and fun to play. Remember those days when myths like going to the Moon after a certain number of rocket launches/weeks were a thing? Several things like that will be accounted for, but with some changes/twists to how they are done. There is a moderate increase in difficulty (not really big, just aimed more towards veteran players), but there are rewards to compensate.

Only a select few newer-generation features have been added, as I wanted to keep this hack’s gameplay as faithful to the pre-2007 scene as possible while still adding a few of the newer games’ improvements in function. However, I might add in a few newer-generation Pokémon as special appearances/events sometime in the distant future. Apparently, expanding the PokéDex could cause the game to require its own exclusive saves only, but I think that will be OK as long as one does not plan on using this hack's saves with the regular Emerald (or vice-versa, I think). You may want to also keep in mind that if I happen to release an expanded-Dex version at some point, it may not be compatible with a save file from the regular version of this hack. Regardless, I will not stop updating the regular one and will still release it as well if that is the case. I would also try to find a way to make the original saves compatible with the new one.

Main Features:

Δ CosmicEmerald is backwards-compatible with normal Emerald Version save files. All of your old progress will count in this game so you can pick up where you left off!
  • Yes, this means you can still do all the new events and new late-game content, even with an already completed Emerald save. All the new events have unique in-game flags/triggers so you won't miss anything, except any high-tier berries now held by legendaries you already battled in your old save. However, I can't make any promises for save files you import from other ROM hacks. You'll also miss an inconsequential line or two of dialogue added to the main story.
  • For those concerned about 'legit vs legal': any Pokémon you catch that are not from their non-hacked locations or encounter slots (as is the case with the majority of Pokémon ROM hacks) likely won't be considered legal to official tournaments, PokéBank, GTS, etc. They are still legit, since you still earned them, assuming you got them through actual gameplay and didn't construct/Gameshark them. The difference is really due to how each Pokémon's PID (personality ID/value) is generated by these games. That really can't be helped, but thankfully you can still fix any "invalid" PIDs if you want (though these invalid PIDs are harmless to the game).
  • Also if you'd like to RNG-abuse for Shinies, high IVs, etc., you are way better off doing it on regular R/S/E since CE's PRNG and encounter slots are too different. Finding random/stationary Shiny encounters is apparently still 1/8192, though I can't guarantee they'd have 'legal' PIDs (if this matters at all to you of course).

Δ Emerald's PRNG ("pseudo-random number generator") glitch has been fixed by re-enabling its unused PRNG system, as well as adding another structure that gives it more randomness

Δ Faster Emulation
  • If your emulator supports a 'speed-up' function and/or struggles to run the game, the latest version of this game should now be faster to emulate and speed up. By the way, I found the patch for this randomly a long time ago and can't even seem to locate it again. I'd like to give credit to whoever made it, so drop me a message if any of you know.
Δ All 386 Gen 1-3 Pokémon available
  • A New Evo Stone that evolves Trade-Evo Pokémon
  • More Roaming Legendaries, events, different sprites, etc.
    • Some events based on Day/Night/etc and/or game completion status
  • Pokémon from different PokéDex sections have their own battle music (based on region/availability in-game)
    • (i.e. Encounter a wild Pidgey somewhere, it will play Kanto’s Wild Battle theme; while Sentret has an exclusive Johto Wild Battle remix)
  • Most events/Legendaries have signature themes too (i.e. Suicune and its Crystal battle theme), though related ones share themes
  • A special Event-Shiny somewhere
  • Check the Game Corner in Mauville City for a few surprises
  • Mirage Island can now be reached in a much better (and honestly much more sane) way than in the original R/S/E
    • Available on Sunday mornings after capturing 180+ National Dex Pokémon (remember that the National Dex always includes Hoenn Pokémon as well)
Δ Special Event Tickets are available via unlocking Mystery Gift and finding the MG Receptionist upstairs in all Pokémon Centers
  • Obtaining the Nintendo Event Tickets in this hack uses the real Mystery Gift scripts that legitimately unlock them! :)
  • Mystery Gift is now unlocked by merely interacting with the questionnaire
  • How to obtain the Tickets this time:
  • Eon Ticket: Become the Hoenn League Champion
  • AuroraTicket: Defeat Steven at least once
  • MysticTicket: Raikou, Entei and Suicune all defeated/fled from or captured (Like w/Crystal Version's Ho-oh, but more lenient)
  • Old Sea Map: Get 180+ National Dex captures
  • ???: Capture/defeat the Southern Island [email protected] as well as get 220+ National Dex captures

Δ Phys/Spec Split and Fairy Type are each now included as optional patches you can toggle on/off

Δ Day & Night System (Early-Morning, Morning, Day, Afternoon, Twilight, Evening)
  • Affects battles too, as well as music on certain maps
Δ Graphics have been altered in many different areas/aspects (nothing too fancy, but it is an improvement IMO)
  • (i.e. Meteor Falls looks very different now, many menus are new colors, trees/caves different texture, etc).
  • New Battle Backgrounds based off of HG/SS’s and recolored to match CosmicEmerald's altered environments
    • The tiled indoor trainer battle style and the Champion one were designed by me using MSPaint
  • Edited Rayquaza’s backsprite so that its lower ‘fin’ points backwards instead of oddly forward
  • New (but still similar) Title Screen!
  • You may find that certain maps look quite a lot different than they were previously
  • The Pokémon Menu now uses a variant of the B/W style, and there are patches included to toggle it
Δ You can now customize the colors of your character's (and your rival's) clothing, as well as a few other things by using the included Add-On patches
  • The color changes even affect how they look in cutscenes!
Δ Upgraded B/W Repel System (lets you choose whether to use another and which kind)

Δ TMs are reusable

Δ Pokémon with Learnsets that had specific moves only available in FR/LG will now learn these moves naturally

Δ The in-game Move Tutors are now usable daily

Δ All Pokéballs (except Safari Balls) are reusable until capture
  • Are slightly less common and cost quite a bit more for balance’s sake
  • No more worry about resets, savestate-abuse or running out of chances to capture a Shiny
  • Optional patch now included to turn this feature off or back on; turning it off changes the really high prices back down to normal
Δ Your Pokémon receive EXP when you capture another, like at the end of a normal battle

Δ Pokémon’s Natures have color-coded stat boosts/drops

Δ Rough Skin Ability Fix (from Gen IV)

Δ EVs cap at 252 instead of 255 (in order to not waste remainder points)

Δ Somewhat steeper difficulty curve
  • Storyline-based/secret trainers are stronger, Event-Legendaries stronger, etc
  • Some movesets have been altered to increase difficulty
Δ Running While Indoors

Δ Final Trainer Card is no longer Gold, but is ‘Platinum’ (well, not that literally, but it’s totally different than before)

Δ Upgraded EXP system: All Pokémon directly participating in a battle will receive full EXP, not half unless you use EXP Share to avoid having to switch them out. This allows you to have more options for how to train

Δ Steven can now be re-matched daily, and depending on when you face him, the Champion Battle theme might play (like in R/S)

Δ It is now possible to "turn off" the random calls on the PokéNav (except for the scripted ones in the story) by using Prof. Birch's machine in the lab

Δ The clock in the player's room now lets you know what the day of the week is before showing the time (there is a minor bug on the Playstation Portable, see below in the bugs section). Because of this, it can now help you know if the in-game day is correct when you want to do a special Event!

Δ The Safari Zone's expansion area is now split between nocturnal and diurnal Johto Pokémon (North and South, respectively)
  • Also runs a special event on certain days of the week
Δ The bed in the player's room is now a healing (and teleportation?) station

Δ Lamps on maps that have them now have a lit/glowing animation during night hours
  • Mt. Chimney's lava is also lit up at night
Δ Features several new songs from various games and some remixes I made of other themes

Δ As another special feature for this ROM hack, Rayquaza has a 1/200 Shiny chance and Jirachi has 1/100 (if this one doesn't sit well with you guys, I can remove/modify it if enough of you ask me to)

Δ A few Legendaries' movesets are very slightly different, for event battle purposes. Levels on most of them have increased, so be prepared. Some are also holding rare berries, and by researching these berries' tag info you can get an idea of who has which berry. See if you can steal them with Thief before they are used in battle.
  • Also, the roaming Legendary Bird Trio now have a catch rate of 5 instead of 3 to make things a tiny bit less frustrating
Δ There are rumored 'prehistoric' Magikarp on Faraway Island, battle them a bit to see what is so special about them.

Δ Cave of Origin is now accessible permanently after fully completing the Jirachi event


Suggestions for changes to features/requirements for events or items are welcome.


Planned Features and Ideas:

Δ Wild Double Battles
  • I know the Emerald Battle Engine upgrade has it and many more great features, but using it means there will still be big changes to the battle system that get a bit too modern for this particular hack. If anyone knows about another way to put in this feature, please let me know about it since it would make this game way more fun
Δ Eventually have the 'indefinite berry replanting' feature working, it would be an amazing thing to have
  • Note: I've been playing through the original Emerald with the feature in it, and I can confirm it works (checking old Loamy Soil areas over several weeks, Berry Plants are still there). I think the new day/night system or PRNG modifications in this hack are just preventing it from functioning properly.

Δ Turning the Altering Cave into something more interesting someday?

Δ Maybe some additional graphics updates

Δ More Music Editing
  • More Day/Night-based song switches
Δ More time-based weather changes on maps

Δ Make it so Deoxys’ form can be changed via regular overworld script
  • There is already a way to switch between Speed and Normal, but I'm not sure right now if it can be done via scripting. Unless I expand the Dex, it may be limited to just switching between Speed and Normal form using a patch.
Δ Consistent (but maybe not total) decapitalization of all-caps words and phrases
  • Saving this one for last to avoid any possible complex errors while I work on things. Honestly, not sure if I want to even implement this or not.


Banjora Marxvile [Tiles from his Emerald Rom-Base, such as the new Mossdeep Gym]
+ All those who contributed to it, in the next spoiler
Beastly12817 [Testing the early versions of the hack, collaborating and giving me lots of great ideas in person (thanks, man!)]
BluRose [Porting Re-Useable PokéBalls to Emerald]
DizzyEgg [Custom Wild Battle Music for Specific Pokémon; Updated B/W Repel System]
FamiliaWerneck [Re-Useable PokéBalls ASM Routine]
Frezgle [Porting the EXP Division hack to Emerald]
Gamefreak & Nintendo [Pokémon Emerald Version]
Gamer2020 [Pokémon Game Editor (program)]
HackMew [PRNG Fix, “thumb.bat” file, Overworld Editor RE (program), and Xtreme Script Editor (program)]
Jambo51 [Unnamed Trainer Editor (program)]
jiangzhengwenjzw [EV/IV Checking feature]
Jirachiwishmaker [Freeing Restriction for National-Dex Pokémon in Contests]
Kiy, usigusom, () and 黒インク) [B/W Style Party Screen and patch for it]
Kleenexfeu [Enabling use of Soul Dew in Battle Frontier]
Kyledove [Underwater coral/shell tiles]
LU-HO [Advance Map (program)]
Mastermind-X [Shiny Hack]
MWisBest [32-bit RTC+TIMER PRNG Fix]
Prime-dialga [DNS, AKA "Day, Night and Seasons" (program)]
SabfromPC [Underwater mountain tiles]
SkyVortex (me) [Putting together the ROM hack - mapping, scripting, music, etc]
Spherical Ice [Color-coded Stats for Natures, Default Wallpaper hack]
The_Learner [TL’s Quick Enhancer (program)]
ThomasWinwood [Adding to the PRNG Fix used in earlier versions]
Trev [EXP Division hack]
Wichu [Advanced Series GBA Toolbox (programs)]
You Watanabe [Porting the Default Wallpaper hack to Emerald]
+ everyone who contributed to BM's Emerald ROM Base:

Calis Project
Wesley FG
Midnitez Remix
Shawn Frost
Banjora Marxvile

The credits list will be added to if more of others’ resources become involved in this game.
If there is anyone missing from this section whose resources have been used here, please let me know ASAP so I can give credit.

Known Bugs/Issues (If you find any more, please let me know!):

Δ PokéDex text shifting glitch involving "EXP when Catching Pokémon" upon level-up
  • It's a bit annoying, but definitely not serious or game-breaking. There is currently no solution for this that I can properly use yet, but when I do then this should be an easy, easy fix.
Δ There is a feature implemented that is supposed to allow berries to replant themselves indefinitely but it is bugged. I have no idea why, and the game basically ignores it completely so it might as well not be there. It's also quite a pain to test, unfortunately.

Δ When Wally catches his Ralts at the beginning of the game, the battle background defaults to daytime when he exits the Pokéballs Menu. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix this one, I've tried but it's probably going to take a bit more than dealing with scripting commands.

Δ Some overworld sprites used to be incorrect and needed to be switched out, but I think I may have gotten them all now. If you find any more weirdly-placed sprites like that, let me know so I can fix it as soon as I can. It's not a game-breaking problem or anything, but it just looks kind of bad.
  • 5/31/2018 - Just found out that you may or may not see a random Lapras sprite in the Lilycove PKMN Center. For some reason it appears there as one of the game's dynamic sprites, and so never showed up in the map editor as a Lapras. Not sure how to fix it right now besides removing that dynamic sprite from that map, which could amount to removing whatever original feature it was intended for (don't want to do that though).

Δ Not a problem with the hack itself apparently, but: For those using a GBA emulator on Playstation Portable, the game may show an incorrect day of the week. In my case, the in-game day was behind the IRL day by one. For example, if it was Tuesday IRL, it said Monday in the game when I used the clock. This does not happen to me when I use VBA, however.

Δ Coming into Route 111's desert from the top side may result in a cactus (new tiles) appearing glitched. It's harmless and even fixes itself as soon as the map is refreshed, but I plan to address this next time the game is updated.

Δ When customizing characters' colors, the last "Primary" color used will change the Bag in the inventory to that color (as well as affecting some colors in the opening sequence), even if you use seperate ones for May/Brendan. Until a proper solution is found, just apply whatever colors you are using for the Rival first and then your own character's.

  • 4/6/2017: Touched-up a few Wild Encounter lists, Locations Guide was already updated for it.
  • 4/17/2017: Put in the rest of the customized Wild Battle Music feature, so that it actually works in-game now. Also gave the option for Tyranitar to have the Intimidate Ability, so it's not limited to Sand Stream. Also changed weather on a map to fix a tile priority issue. Updated Locations (Clefairy and Paras).
  • 5/2/2017: Fixed the sprite issues Lightblitz7 pointed out, complete with updated scripts. Switched out the Pokémon Center theme in Evergrande City's bigger Center for the game's hidden "Crystal" one.
  • 5/17/2017: Upgraded the Title Screen a bit (finally)!
  • 5/18/2017: Fixed a minor defect in the new Title Screen and altered it very slightly.
  • 8/9/2017: Johto Pokémon from the National Dex now have their own battle theme, further upgrades planned for Lugia and Ho-oh theme(s). Events that required Hoenn Dex completion now have been dialed down to only needing either 150 (Lapras), 170 (Legendary Beasts), or 180 (Mewtwo). Also, the Link Stone is now called the Plasma Stone instead. Box Wallpaper variation hack applied, see a later post of mine in this thread for details. Planted berries should now stay planted and recycle themselves - no more 9-day limit! The EXP system hack I explained in a post later in this thread is now applied. New Locations Guide released as well.
  • 8/11/2017: Got rid of an annoying bug I just found.
  • 8/26/2017: Updated Locations Guide with info about Mirage Island.
  • 5/12/2018: Finally, another HUGE update with several bug-fixes and loads of improvements and new features. PokéDex-based requirements have been overhauled again, be sure to read through the above sections because there have been many, many changes. For the updated encounter locations and Legendary/Event requirements, see the new Locations Guide.

    The secret islands have gotten some updates this time around, especially Navel Rock. Those of you who enjoyed G/S/C may especially like this release of the game.

    Jirachi and Celebi are finally available, and those who already completed their Hoenn Dex to meet the previously way steeper requirements get first dibs on Jirachi (and probably Celebi too. Heck, everything is probably available to you at this point). Great job!
  • 5/14/2018: Holy hell, I just took another look at some of the Underwater maps, and they were outright terrible because of many, many misplaced tiles. I quickly fixed that mess (yes, it was painstaking) and everything is nice and clean now. Also:
    • !Δ! Bug fixed: For those transferring over from a regular Emerald save file, if you had already done the New Mauville sidequest you were not be able to catch Raikou, and some other events using the game's old flags wouldn't work if certain items were already picked up. I felt this had to be fixed ASAP before too many of you got the 5/12 update. Those events I mentioned were created at a time that I thought the game had no safely usable extra flags, and that had only recently changed. All events made after 8/11/2017 used newer flags, and now everything after this fix should be working. If anything is still going wrong with this, let me know and I'll update it again.
  • 5/15/2018: Wow, this has been a frustrating experience but everything wrong with the events is FINALLY fixed. Someone was still having issues with a couple of events, and when I checked out the scripts there were crucial parts I missed in the last update. So, I went and thoroughly tested every single event I added and can now confirm that each one is working. Bear with me guys, I know it's probably annoying but I'm really trying here.
  • 5/24/2018: !Δ! Bug fixed: The black-screen problem concerning Magikarp has now been fixed. There are several minor tile fixes on some maps in order to make them look better than they were.
    • Also, the Cave of Origin is now accessible permanently after the Jirachi event is completely finished (must talk to the girl in Mossdeep again and show her Jirachi).
    • NOTE: All new features I put into the game since last year's August update will now be added towards the bottom of to the "Main Features" section above, from earliest to latest in order of relevance.
  • 12/17/2019: New release, new features!
    • All bug fixes that were previously in seperate patches are now merged into this release
    • Graphics improved slightly, better color blending in several areas and some sloppy tiles fixed
    • The special Shiny event now includes an in-game notification so you'll know which Pokémon is involved and where
    • Emulation speed for the game should be better now, particularly fast-forward speed thanks to a patch I found (if anyone knows the name of who made it let me know via PM since it's been forever since I randomly found it floating around)
    • PRNG system overhauled and fixed
    • Nurse Joys now change dialogue depending on time of day
    • Mystery Gift can now be unlocked without the password; also changed the behavior of the "MYSTERY GIFT" menu option
    • Some very subtle 'Hero' sprite image changes to allow for better switching of colors with the new patches
    • Reverted Tyranitar's Ability back to Sand Stream (made optional patch to swap again for Intimidate)
    • Parlyz Heal in New Mauville is now another Plasma Stone
    • Revised encounter lists for The Moon, Altering Cave, Navel Rock, Sky Pillar, Mirage Island, Granite Cave
    • Moved Birch's Assistant down a couple tiles since he often blocks the machine in the lab
    • Implemented B/W PartyScreen patch (credit: Kiy, usigusom, () and 黒インク)
    • mGBA bootscreen glitch (jumbled image) fixed
    • Safari Zone special event update
    • Rarity of certain Pokémon like Seedot and Surskit revised so they will be a bit easier to find
    • FR/LG exclusive Learnsets are now merged into this game
    • Move Tutors (the non Battle Frontier ones) are now usable daily
    • Gym Leaders, Elite 4/Champion and 1 or more other Trainers have had Moveset revisions to increase difficulty, since only increasing the Levels is apparently not the best way
    • Some new songs added; a couple from different franchises, a couple of GSC remixes, and changes made concerning where/when they play in-game (day/night)
    • A crapton of new customization patches to play with, including clothing colors, Physical-Special Split and Fairy Type for all Pokémon/Moves it applies to (though unfortunately there are no moves included from later generations)
    • Deoxys has been put at Level 80 just as a last-second thing, just realized it would be more fitting considering how you unlock him
    • Some more small random things I may be forgetting about
  • 12/20/2019: New release, important bug fix and many graphics updates
    • Fixed a very serious bug that would leave you stuck on The Moon until your whole party fainted. It would happen if you were to do anything there other than catch/KO Jirachi, which means you'd also be stuck if you went there after the event
    • Increased Jirachi's chance of being Shiny from 1/200 to 1/100
    • Changed the color and art style of the default grassy ground tile, I think it's a great improvement over what it was before but if it's a problem I can change it next time
    • Some fixes to rock tiles, making grass blend with it better (less unnaturally straight lines)
    • Fixed a few glitchy looking trees on both Birth Island and Mossdeep City
    • Rearranged the flower tiles in Evergrande City and changed the color of the brick road (not to yellow haha)
    • Fixed up the look of the 'mountain edge slime' in Fallarbor and Route 114
    • Fixed a graphical issue that made some tiny bits of Cycling Road look like they are floating around in mid-air
    • In case anyone downloaded the patch within maybe 5 hours of when I posted it, they missed a tiny change where Deoxys' Level has been increased from 70 to 80. That change is included in this patch
    • No, unfortunately the Fairy Type patch is not fixed yet, that will take me some time since I'll have to redo all the steps and test it thoroughly (unless someone has a working patch)
  • 12/24/2019: Minor graphics changes + another add-on patch
    • Fixed miscolorations for some grass and Trainer sprites on Route 119
    • Recolored tall grass a bit and improved its animation color change
    • Fixed a map tile error in the Verdanturf Battle Tent
    • Changed up the colors in the Elite Four and Champion rooms to more closely match their Battle Backgrounds
    • Created two patches which allow turning on/off the screen color changes that happen during different times of day/night (thank you to qazmachuck for the suggestion)
    • Also changed the name of the "Infinite" PokéBalls patch to "Re-Useable", since otherwise it would imply that they will never run out at all

*Nearly all of the planned features are done, but do check back in once in a good while in case of updates/fixes!*
  • When applying a new update, use the patch with a clean ROM to avoid any potential issues, unless you are only applying an Add-On.
  • Make sure you have the latest release of both the game and the guide! The files in the folder have their release dates in their filenames.
    • To know which release of the game you have, go into your character's Room and read the booklet on the desk next to the PC.

August 20, 2020 Edit: For those having problems with the Day/Night system and clock in your emulator or hardware, I've found a solution to it. It's mainly a fix for mGBA however. Here's a link to the post with the download:

August 16, 2022 Edit: Several people have brought to my attention that the Jirachi event is broken as of late (the variable value that activates the script gets changed by something I can't find any documentation on). I'm not sure what is causing the variable change but I made a workaround patch for it that lets it activate on the values it has changed to. The patch also fixes a minor graphical issue with the 'Running Shoes booklet' on the table in the female protagonist's house.
Latest .IPS Patch (12/24/2019) + Locations Guide (revision 12/17/2019) + Add-Ons/Extras:


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Is it just me, or is there really not any implementation of PSS split in this as it isn't in the features list? That's like the only thing this hack is missing. Other than that, good job.
Ice Path
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Posted September 11th, 2022
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Hello, nice Emerald hack because of these; new battle background, map graphics and other features you added. I hope you will add fairy type, Jirachi event and put some cross-gen monsters from 4th Generation in the next update.
Hack promises to be very nice, it would be cool if you added fairy type and fairy-type attacks. ??????
Although the Fairy-type is not exactly planned for this hack, I might someday make a separate patch that adds it in at the player's choice. The thing is, this hack is meant to be something like what Emerald could have been in its time (pre-Gen 4) without the inconvenient need to trade constantly or go to Nintendo Events, plus additional customization that I felt would make it a more rewarding experience. There will likely be a version of this hack where newer Pokmon will be added, keep reading below for details.

Is it just me, or is there really not any implementation of PSS split in this as it isn't in the features list? That's like the only thing this hack is missing. Other than that, good job.

As for the PSS, that is another later-gen gameplay mechanic that would cause big changes in gameplay style that I didn't intend with this one. Again though, I might make a patch for it later when I get the most important changes described put in the game.

add some interesting story in Hoenn please!
For story changes, there will likely be some alterations (not too drastic) to story progression I will put in. The Jirachi 'arc' I am working on will be one of these alterations.


The bottom line is, this hack is supposed to to still have Gen 3's gameplay mechanics, though with few exceptions (like the Repel and Pokball systems, which are for convenience and less frustration). I am adding changes to make it a more complete and fun Gen 3 game, so those who aren't as interested/experienced in later Generation games can still have something to enjoy. Of course, there will most likely be some later-gen Pokmon added in later, mainly some favorites of mine - basically an Expanded PokDex version alongside the normal release.
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And it is a pity that fairy type is not in the plans. :( That is the question about the division of physical / special / status, I guess I can also donate... :(
I might actually put in an entirely new Type that I was intending for some non-Pokmon "challenge battles" that would take place outside of the Pokmon World, but these are a bit far down the line of development right now. Not sure if I could have both that and Fairy Type at the same time though.
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"Steeper difficulty curve
Storyline-based/secret trainers are stronger, Event-Legendaries stronger, etc), but nothing insane"

Currently, i fought Roxanne, Brawly and Wattson but i didn't notice any changes except the level(but it doesn't make the trainer harder). Which trainer are concerned ? o:
It includes all Gym Leaders as well as Aqua/Magma Grunts (IIRC)/Admins/Leaders, Elite 4 + Champion, Steven, Wally, May/Brendan. I wanted to increase all their levels, but not push it to the point where constant, annoying level-grinding is needed. IDK, maybe they are still too easy and need a bigger increase or some other modification, but if you were to pick a starter Pokmon that has a disadvantage in some situation then it seems to get pretty rough. For example, Wattson may now be real pain if you pick Treecko as the starter. Were you over-leveled by any chance? I am now considering increasing these trainers' AI/IVs by some amount.
Ice Path
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Does anyone have any more info on what time of the day and what specific location to find Snorlax and Lapras at Artisan Cave and Meteor Falls? and chance of finding them if possible? and how do you find Feebas, is it the same as the basic Emerald version?
In Artisan Cave, you will find Snorlax sleeping the same way it did in FR/LG (it's available at any time of day). I don't want to spoil the exact location, since I want you guys to find it by exploring. Lapras though, I will say look for it on Monday, and go as far into Meteor Falls as you can. It is near a waterfall; you should actually see Lapras once you get there.

Feebas's catch method is exactly the same as it originally was for right now. Might change that later though, or add to it.

Nop, i weren't. Their team didn't change(movesets, pokemon), that's what i meant because i thought you changed a bit their team and their moveset, that's all x)
Oh, ok. I didn't really want to change the official movesets of these trainers, for authenticity reasons. However, I may give them some surprise moves (1 per moveset) and a tougher AI. For trainers with no custom movesets, I might do something wth them too.
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ohh okay so both their sprites will be visible before engaging in battle? good to know that I won't have to spend hours on end going into random battles, thanks! Also how do you get to New Mauville? can't remember exactly how it works
No problem!

To unlock New Mauville, you will need to first capture 170 or more Hoenn Dex Pokémon. Don't worry though, the event itself is not exactly the same as it normally is. The requirement may seem kind of high, but it's easier than it sounds to get this many Pokémon since you don't have to do very much evolving/trading, especially since all of the Pokémon you'll need are already in this game.

UPDATE: The Locations Guide now has some info about Mirage Island in case people were wondering how to reach it.
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I'm surprised there was no decapitalization done but maybe next time.
Yeah at one point I was de-capping everything, but noticed some weird glitches that happened as a result (like discoloration of PC Box text, and variants of the "PokéballS" issue). For those reasons and future diagnostics of problems, I am saving this one for later.

And no phys/spec split? thats a first
Yep, this hack is keeping Gen III's battle mechanics as far as that goes - especially since it could break the use of some Pokémon that rely on the current system. I prefer the old battle system myself, and apparently there aren't a lot of hacks out there that keep the original one.


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Yeah at one point I was de-capping everything, but noticed some weird glitches that happened as a result (like discoloration of PC Box text, and variants of the "PokéballS" issue). For those reasons and future diagnostics of problems, I am saving this one for later.

Yep, this hack is keeping Gen III's battle mechanics as far as that goes - especially since it could break the use of some Pokémon that rely on the current system. I prefer the old battle system myself, and apparently there aren't a lot of hacks out there that keep the original one.
A big reason for that being of course a great deal many pokemon suffer without a proper stab move, even if they have a suitable substitute (Mightyena with Shadow Ball rather than Crunch for example).

Given this I am surprised gamefreak never bothered to consider making ghost attacks special moves from the start then make dark attacks physical when they were introduced. I mean Bite was at first a normal attack in gen 1 after all and was physical as a result. I often wonder what they were thinking when they made the earlier games.
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A big reason for that being of course a great deal many pokemon suffer without a proper stab move, even if they have a suitable substitute (Mightyena with Shadow Ball rather than Crunch for example).

Given this I am surprised gamefreak never bothered to consider making ghost attacks special moves from the start then make dark attacks physical when they were introduced. I mean Bite was at first a normal attack in gen 1 after all and was physical as a result. I often wonder what they were thinking when they made the earlier games.
Very true, and I have thought the same thing. It really is a shame, especially considering for example that Mightyena and Absol (couple of favorites of mine) don't seem to do so well in late-game because of their limited movepools and conflicting types/stats. I am seriously wondering if I should tweak their stats a bit to make them more useful, but then there is the issue of changing core elements of the game. Still, I may consider doing something like this if it really proves to be a good idea.

The idea sound well and the game going well.
keep up the good job.

I have also just made some more changes for the next release:

- Steven is now rematchable daily, has new dialogue for the rematches and if you face him during the later times of day then he will have the Champion Battle theme like he did in Ruby/Sapphire. He still has the same team with the same increased levels I left them at before.

- The girl on Route 111 who gives out Razz Berries every day now will give 5 of them once per game instead of 1 daily. This is because Steven now uses the "daily flag" for rematches. Nevermind, I just recently found out about tons of free dailyflags to use instead.


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glad I could offer my two cents, but I agree in order to tweak Mightyena's base stats you'd need to add more special attacks to its movepool and by then it becomes like an absol clone almost, especialy when we factor Absol even with its lower special attack already has enough special attacks to make use of it's special attack stat. So theres not a easy answer I think.