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Originally Posted by Sunfished View Post
I love some of the names that you came up with! They not only match perfectly, but they also keep on the tradition of the fun and quirky naming scheme that the original Pokemon games set. Things like "spy"der always puts a smile on my face :D

Apart from the names, some of the designs in general are fairly lacking. I mean, the spyder guy was one of the more unique, since its a spying spider. but most of the 4-legged animals on the other hand are as generic as a fakemon can be. Usually, a pokemon's design is appealing because of how unique and recognizable it is, that's why everyone owned the "what's that pokemon?" thing at the end of every pokemon episode(screw you voltorb/electrode). For example, show them a picture of a pokemon, take the picture away, and make them describe it. odds are they'll remember "a yellow rat with red cheeks and a zigzag tail" or "a giant green snake dragon with body segments". But some of yours are just lions, deer, and some don't even look planned out at all.

But all-in-all, I commend you on the names, and some of the designs. Also, I wouldn't say your drawings are bad. Artwork isn't always good by how well the artist created his piece, but instead how well the artist portrayed his ideas. Which in this case, is how creative the fakemon's designs were.
Thanks. Yeah, I know some of them are a little generic. I plan on redesigning several of them later on, but I'm like totally obsessed with the map now and I still have some designs left to post. XD Life has been getting in my way.

Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
Actually this was my first forum ever. And it never had any image limits. The only forum I frequent (maybe log-on once in 3-4 days) outside of this one is one named Narutoforums. That had limits but I thought forums generally don't have those because Pokecommunity didn't, haha. But you're right, it should be mentioned somewhere. I'll add it to the guidelines as a note. But glad you went through the rules! :] And YES, you seriously are the first person to mention that. Most people that post here just post images without worrying about limits for some reason. XD;

Anyway, from the ones I went through, Crowtergeist and Toxidous are my fave. The latter, especially. I know there's Muk that is comparable to it but it having bones and them being partially visible is something I like. Then, like Sunfished said, you got those awesome names. Never thought I'd see fakemon with names like "Tick", "Tock" "Ticktock" - awesome, haha.

I'll write up a detailed feedback post later, though. Sorry for the short nature of this post!
Thanks. Sorry if I seemed a little mean before. I was having a bad day. Toxidous was inspired by a challenge that someone gave me. And I didn't like the Klink line so I thought I'd do something similar, but different.
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