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I need to stop this habit of only updating this gallery once every blue moon LOL

Anyway-- thanks for the comments you guys! *V* And you know Derozio I actually toyed with the idea of making a tag today, but.... I didn't LOL
(You'll get to see how rusty I am)

I'm just going to dump everything into one massive spoiler, so here we go!
Some of this stuff is so old it dates to last year LOL;;


Genderbend of my Milizia Character

Watercolor of a Vios Terra Character

KAITO Append Lineart

Update on Megumi's App

Casual OTP with Megumi and a friend's character Haruto. Eskimo Kisses ////

Doodle of SHUN, my UTAU

Update to Jarrik's App

New Kamenoko Character, Teruaki

Self-Portrait, first shot at digital realism

Space Fantasy OC, Gawain

Really quick comic for a friend of our OTP ////

My old Vios Terra OC, London

My OC Penelope...

Another OTP, Penelope with one of my good friend's OC Relza

The earlier drawn OC Gawain, but in the Vios Terra Universe

EmpireO OC, kind of a Tiger and Bunny-esque RP? Her name is Juno.

And after about two weeks of not drawing at all, I decided to experiment, and liked how this turned out a lot.
Too bad it takes too much time. This is a friend's friend's UTAU.

This is why I should update more often. *___*;;; Prevent massive dumps like this... This isn't even everything I've drawn LOL o<-<

edit: Oh yeah I forgot, this is a WIP of a comic I'm working on

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