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Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Tell Snipper to go back to gaurding the door
Done and done
Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Fish the wallet out of the toilet and look inside
You sigh and take the wallet from the toilet. As you shake it off you notice a jingle emerging from it. Opening it, you find that it contains a key. You assume it's not to his apartment, as it has the initials for the Newspaper he worked on engraved into it. The wallet also contained a small photo of a man and his Marowak. You pocket both for future examination.
Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
>Carefully open the medicine cabinet
You approach the cabinet, wary for anything out of the norm. You carefully pull it open and find a hole in the wall leading to the neighboring apartment. The wire leads to a television the neighbor gazes upon restlessly. You believe that someone is using his wire to pirate cable through Smith's apartment, irrelevant to the case, but interesting to say the very least. Other than the hole in the wall, the cabinet only contains a half-eaten granola bar.
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