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Xin Kou ---> Necromancer's Temple

Heva felt the contents of a drink coming down her throat but hadn't woken yet. She could hear the voices of men and soft meows of a fragile woman. Her conscious raced as she shouted at herself, "Get up you! C'mon damned body! Useless sod!" It seemed like hours before she finally opened her eyes. The plump woman sat up slowly with a groan and shifted her head back and forth quickly, looking for the men and women that had been there. To no avail, they were already gone. "Blast," she said, coming to her feet slowly.

Heva shook out her excruciatingly long auburn hair, the sand of the battlefield falling back to its rightful position in the ground. "Hello?" she called out, in both languages. No response from the men or the women but from a Xin Kou villager.

"Heva, are you okay?" a woman called back, rushing to her.

"I'm fine," Heva returned. "Where did those people go," she continued. After receiving the information she went, by horse, that she borrowed from the same villager that came to her aid, to the Necromancer's Temple.

"Those fools," she stressed to herself, galloping on the horse loudly. "They probably don't even know how to defeat the Necromancer!" Coming this realization she kicked at the sides of the horse and dove deeper into the mountains.

On the outside of the temple she stopped and saw the knight's gathering of horses. She pulled her horse, forcefully, to the same area before patting it on the hindquarters and delving into the already open temple door. The temple walls were well lit, as if the Necromancer expected guests - this only made Heva even more uneasy as she waddled her way through the maze of halls, following the faint tap tap of footsteps, she was close to the knight's only minutes behind them. More time passed as she tried her hardest to stay in range of the footsteps. Then, suddenly, there was the dark, crackling voice of a man. "Oh no," Heva gasped out, bursting into an awkward run to catch up with the knights.

Finally, she came to a circular room and there a small party was standing off with two twisted sisters and an army of undead. The dark magic in this room could kill and that was the goal. Conflict was inevitable and Heva needed to lend her aid. "Would you look here," the Necromancer cackled as he laid dark eyes on Heva, "the fat one has decided to appear. Heva, the Healthy, is that what the villagers were calling you. Yes, yes it was until I purged them from existence!" The Necromancers chuckled darkly and loudly sending a shiver up the spine of the stable woman.

Heva, staff in hand, took up a post beside what seemed to be the leader of the party. Placing a hand on his armoured shoulder she said, "I believe you will be needed some help with this fight and I'm here to give it. If you 'ave another mage we could deal with those pesky dark creations while you and your melee fellows deal with those wicked sisters. Aye?"

(OOC: Sorry for the 'meh' post, my creationism hasn't been up to par as of late. I'm just writing through the writer's block.)
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