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Surprisingly enough for Turnip, Sigil had just left the second they had access to Mikkelson's office. He was sad to see the man go, of course, but he'd probably see him again sometime. Turnip guessed Sigil hadn't really had anything important to ask of Mikkelson, although to be honest his reasons for leaving weren't something Turnip thought he should be concerned about.

He looked at Mikkelson; the middle-aged man was pulling a cigar from its case and began to light it. Frankly, Turnip couldn't stand the things. He thought of pulling out a weapon and firing a few shots off, just to give the General a taste of his own medicine by making him uncomfortable as well. He decided against it, of course - that generally wouldn't be such a good idea...

He was about to speak, when Mikkelson spoke first.

"You smoke," Turnip noticed the case and lighter had been moved closer to him. As disgusting as it was to him, he knew it was a polite gesture.

"No, thank you, Sir." I don't really feel like destroying my lungs anytime soon.

Turnip would have started speaking again, but the phone rang just in time to stop him. Bloody annoyances, delays; it was a wonder why that guard outside hadn't come back in here. Maybe something else had occupied him - Sigil, maybe.
Turnip was interested in the content of the phone conversation. Had Nicholas Cage been in some kind of trouble, then? Hmm. At any rate, he was coming back here, so even if Turnip couldn't get any answers out of the General, he might be able to get them out of Nicolas.

"Now that that's dealt with," Mikkelson said, "what is it that you need?"

Turnip thought of sugar-coating his demands, but then thought against it. Better just to let the truth out and be done with it.

"Justification, Sir. I need to know why we're at war. I need solid facts and hard evidence that this is a good cause to be fighting for - not that this Grahams' death was just an excuse for a domination campaign. Any war causes the loss of innocent lives, and I will not have their blood on my hands - and I'll try and make damn sure it's not on anyone else's, either. Humans and Pokémon alike. Sir."

Turnip paused for a little while to let the statement sink in. This could either be really good, mediocre, or really, really bad.

"And, uh, if you could get me clearance for a good sniper rifle, too, then that'd be great, thanks."
Turnips shall rise.

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