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I see I am part of the minority of film goers who despises WALL-E :( Sorry!! Except I'm not sorry!!!

I'd like to relive the Harry Potter franchise again, the books, the movies, everything. Growing up with it was pretty great and everything, but I really want to relive all the mania and hype again at my current age. You know, the age where I'm able to camp outside a book store for three days in order to be first in line for the new book. I just want to relive all the wonder and magic of the books again, is that so much to ask?
wir hören ein singen im raum
singen im raum, singen im raum
wir jagen die monotonie
monotonie, monotonie
wir machen aus stunden ein jahr
und mondschein aus unserem haar
wir fliegen so weit wie noch nie
- jürgen paape (so weit wie noch nie, 2002)
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