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Dulinhel Elenren - Necromaner's Lair, Shinguo

It was a deadly dance of death. Up, left, roll right, stab forward, slash, slash, roll again, block. Repeat. Elves loved art, and war was only another type of art, one which her race had perfected. She wove gracefully between her opponents, the stupid creatures not able to process her movements quickly enough to deal any real damage. They really were quite stupid creatures. Individually, they were quite easy to deal with, and only posed a real threat in large groups where they could swarm. As she danced through the waves of enemies, she noted things about them, and about the necromancer. No one had really ever taken time to do any study into necromancy, it was a highly forbidden dark form of magic, and the offenders and their creatures were swiftly killed. She noted patterns in their movement. To her, it seemed as though not only did the necromancer create them, but he controlled them as well. It was quite astounding the amount of thought processing that must take place it that man's twisted mind to control so many beings at once. Perhaps that's why they were so stupid, because he couldn't give so many beings complex commands. So once they narrowed the number of undead down, would they become more difficult to defeat?

Distracted temporarily by her thoughts, one of the undead monsters flung itself at her from behind, biting deep into her right arm, sharp teeth biting through her leather armor and piercing her skin. Grunting, she spun around quickly, shifting the knife in her left hand holding it dagger style, pointed backward. As she spun, the monster's teeth became dislodged, and it staggered back a foot, trying to recover. As it stumbled backward, her knife connected solidly with the creature's head, digging deep into its skull and piercing the rotting brain matter within. Pulling it out with a squelch, she rolled backward out of the fray, quickly checking her arm. It didn't seem serious though, only a minor amount of blood seeping out of the holes in her armor. She leaped back into the fray, digger her daggers into yet more flesh. She considered pulling out her bow to deal even more damage, but she discarded the idea quickly. Taking out the necromancer himself would be much more of a challenge, and she really should save the ammunition that she had remaining. With a little over half a dozen arrows remaining, she couldn't risk using too many against the minions.

She quickly looked around now and then, checking on her various companions. The two knights seemed to be holding their own against the necromancer, one holding the undead off while the other tried desperately to wound the necromancer some how. The elf considered sending a few arrows in the direction of the necromancer, hoping to distract him, but she didn't want to hit either of the knights. She trusted her accuracy, but the knights might do something and get in the way somehow. Better to just let them deal with it. Tamor and Auden had killed the two stronger looking undead now, and were now recovering from their own fight. Both looked extremely tired, they had probably used most of their magical energy in taking the two demons out. Heva, the other spell caster seemed to be holding her own against the swarms of the undead, burning them to a crisp, or using some other form of magic to dispose of the creatures. In a way, Dulinhel envied the other spell casters for their control over their magic, and how powerful they were in it.

Turning her attentions to her own problems, she noticed a quite large...thing for lack of better words battering his way through the crowds of monsters, making its way straight for her. He was covered in layers of flesh and muscle, extremely bulky in form. Protruding from his body were dozens of swords, daggers, and other weaponry, looking like an enormous porcupine. Upon seeing his target, he paused and let out an angry shout, the thing's foul breath reaching even to her, a dozen or so feet away. "Great", she muttered, "All right big boy, lets go."

Quickly pulling her bow off her back and stringing an arrow, she let it loose firing for his head. The brute raised his arm incredibly quickly, catching the arrow in his wrist, roaring at the pain, but seemingly taunting her for her failure. "All right, fine. That's how we are going to play? Very well then." Running full force at the beast, she rolled between his legs, dodging under him as he swiped at her lithe figure. Once behind him, she extended her body straight out from the roll, twisting her body into a quick back flip, landing with her feet placed solidly on one of the protruding hilts of a large broadsword sticking in the beast's back. Her momentum pushed the sword further into the beast, burying it all the way to the hilt pushing it through the monster's body. She jumped off his back, rolling to absorb the impact, then turned to look at the damage she had caused. The beast roared in pain, surprise, and anger as he stared down at the tip of the blade now protruding from his breast. Look at the small figure that had caused him this pain, he roared once again, charging full force at the elf. Rolling to the right, she loaded her bow once again, coming up from the roll in firing position. The arrow flew straight and true, landing in the base of the thing's neck. He grunted, and turned, only to get another arrow in the mouth, silencing his screaming instantly, then another landing in his eye socket, burrowing deeply. He groaned for a moment, then toppled over. Dulinhel strode up to the beast, and unbelievably found the thing still drawing ragged breaths, despite the fall on his back causing even more blades to shoot through his body. Looking at it with disgust, she shoved her blade into the side of the things head repeatedly, covering her arm in blood, till the thing was finally silenced.

Noticing that the plump spell caster was about to be overrun, she raced towards her companion, unleashing several arrows, silently cursing herself for having to use the valuable ammunition. She focused the barrage on the two larger of the group, each taking more than a few arrows to take down. One was effectively dead before she got there, and the other was soon after with a knife thrown solidly into it's eye socket, as well as an arrow poking out both sides of the creatures head. She leapt into the fray, slashing her way through the outer undead, then pulling her thrown knife from the dead monster's head with a disgusting squelching sound. The two of them killed the rest quickly, giving them a brief respite.

Looking around, she noticed that immediately all of the undead suddenly keeled over, becoming lifeless once again. At the same time, she heard a bloodcurdling scream come from the necromancer, who was cradling the shattered remains of what once had been his staff. Obviously his source of power, as it was destroyed so was the control over the monsters. Without a source of power, they became corpses once again. She jogged over to where the rest of the group was gathering in front of the necromancer, preparing themselves. She jogged over to them, motioning for her spell caster companion to follow. Counting her arrows, she became concerned seeing that there was only eight left. She didn't know what kind of tricks the necromancer still had up his sleeve. "Alright", she grunted with disgust, joining the rest of the group. "Lets end this once and for all."


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