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I consider myself to have 3 "stages" at PC

I'd have to say that many of the people I really respected when I first joined PC are long gone now. Names like Forest_Grovyle2, Chairman Kaga4, Arcanine1, sammi-san3, Rukario and a few more who slip from memory.

Then as I move forward into my second stage at PC, people like Signomi2 and Forever arrive, both of whom I consider to be respectable members.

Finally my third stage, which is the current stage, includes some of the more current staff. These are members I remember growing up SO FAST from n00b to mod and on up. Folks like Went, Razor Leaf, Derozio, Bloodex and Livewire are all members I respect quite well today~

1 - Former Administrator
2 - Former Moderator
3 - Former Super Moderator
4 - Former Staff, unknown rank or time period. (Possibly Classic PC?)

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