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Originally Posted by Caelus View Post
I don't understand why people think there are conspiracies about this. After seeing this pic, reading about Tamerlan having radical views (Youtube account had videos of other radicals I think), and both of them having bombs and weapons with them when confronted by police it should be pretty clear that they were the ones responsible for it.

If they were innocent they would have just went to the police and clear their names, just like the guy that wore blue who was falsely accused of being a suspect by people on the internet. Instead they shoot an MIT officer for no apparent reason and carjack someone.
Then point out a clear motive that makes sense for them to have done this.

Not that religious brainwashing story. The kids were having a life and certainly they couldn't have fallen for this stupidity.

And explain these pictures that are all over the net , the inconsistencies and fear mongering all over the story by the media, the drill being in place when the bombings occured, testimonies from friends and families of the two kids about them, the CISPA coincidence, the convenient throat wound that doesn't make sense, the incredible police state tactic the government staged in Boston; effectively throwing the rights of a million people out of the window, treating them like prisoners, over searching for one man.
The police confrontation is up for debate as there's conflicting versions and no videos clearly proving it.

I still don't understand why people think there's no conspiracies about this.

I mean, really. It's been too much going on ever since this took place, and the official version looks like an improvised script that went bad. Many say the government did it. Who knows, but it is possible, and there's plenty of evidence to look at.

Sadly most watch too much TV, and at the sight of a different version on things, reject the whole thing outright without even researching the evidence.. That's not smart. :\
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