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In the second screen:
That hoouse should at least be on a platform so it makes sence, that way it is right now it looks like its floating on the water.
Also has tile errors, the bridge should be on the sea tiles not that blue color.

Third screenshots:
That sand tiles were used on some parts wrong, example is the top sea conecting path which clashes on the stairs.
Too empty map, also youve missed the edges of the sea.
Also avoid 1 tile paths, noone likes 1 tile paths.

4,5,6&7th screenshots:
Just plain emptty maps, and tile errors.
Try to fill the maps with trees or more nature.
Or use more houses

5 & 11th screenshot:
Sideway stairs look bad in a gba hack since they're not able to get that angle when walked on them.
Also stepping on the looks strange and bad which you've showed in screenshot 11.

12th screenshot:

I like the attempt youve did to change the BB, but that one isn't anything better then the generic FR ones.
Actually it looks worse.
You should want to try somehting else out, or even add just some simple lines.
Which will be hard now after youve inserted yours.

The storyline:
Sounds to me like R/S/E.

My sugguestions:
If your not that well at mapping you can always hire someone, but since I guess you've inserted these tiles yourself you should try to learn mapping too.
For reference take gamefreak maps, on go to the map rating thread to look at other peoples maps.
Or even read the critism people received there to know what is good to be in a map and what not.
I would try to change the storyline entirely, it sounds to me just like R/S/E.
Also the sprites need better shading, the evil dude doesn't even look evil to me.

And you probably should'nt had post the thread before getting at least some scripts in it.
But you have time to do that too.

Good luck with this hack