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I have no idea what happened but just going to say that being a PO Server Admin is basically what drove me off PC. I thought I was going to be here through all four years of college and quit before I even got there, and that's why. When your two options are doing your job and then taking a beating for it/juggling three PM windows at once doing damage control or not doing your job and then basically being useless, you don't have a good server environment. I chose the latter and it still was a pit of stress. The truth is that in coming on the server and frequenting it you implicitly agree to be moderated by the people who run it and whoever they appoint and if you don't like it then either bring it up privately or leave, but petty drama is the worst. So is defending every single freaking thing you do instead of enjoying your time on the server--moderators are members first and foremost.

tl;dr: don't make wolf et al leave pc
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