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What's something that has, or still does, bug you? Is it hypocrites? Something you said a few years back? Something that the public does that gets on your nerves?

Elaborate and feel free to give a mini-rant too (but play nicely and abide by the rules, please!)

As for me, I just thought of something that may sound petty.. but it was back on one of the "America's Next Top Model" Cycles, where for one of the makeovers, Tyra Banks decided she wanted to give a girl a gap in her teeth.

I'm actually really enraged by that. That's not just a makeover, that is considered COSMETIC SURGERY. What the heck!! And then Tyra tries to vouch for "real women"? Oh come on, then she shouldn't pick a girl and then tell her she needs to go through cosmetic surgery to stay in the competition. Seriously. Cutting your hair is one thing, but this is a whole other matter. She might as well round up anyone tall and thin and give them all botox and boob-jobs!

Yeah. Your turn!
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