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Light Blue Underline: I'm not entirely sure, as it remains 100 in all tracks for fanfares and in the rest it ranges from 0-127 and changes.
By the way: This shows you the current volume level that is set by the MIDI data.
It is not the same as the "force". The force already counts in the note-velocity and the envelope of the instrument. So bascally it's the master volume of the current track.

Import Address: The offset to import. Remember to change it in the Voicegroup as well.
Change Frequency: Changes how long or short the instrument is. It also makes it higher pitched or lower pitched.
Enable Loop: Where the instrument loops. Try putting this around a half so if you have a long note, the instrument doesn't just end. It loops.
The main goal of the "Frequency" is to adjust the pitch of your sample. Type in the samplingrate of your sample for the middle-C on your MIDI-keyboard to get correctly pitched notes. The length adjust is just a side effect of the frequency adjustment because for getting higher pichtes the audio data has to get played back faster than regular.

Just using the half length will work but in most cases it won't sound very nice.
The reason for that is that your waveform may look like that each time it loops:

See that little jump at the red line?

When this occurs you are gonna hear a "pop" sound each time the sample loops, so make sure when the sample loops your loop start matches the end of your sample.

And the last thing: I don't recommend applying dither to new sounds of your ROM. The reason for that is that dither is "smoothing-noise" and for my experience it usually causes more output noise, specially when using many digital instruments.

This could be eventually be helpful for other people so feel free to add this information to your tutorial.
But anyway, you did a great job on this tutorial ;-)
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