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Username: Abarai
Game: Pokemon Blue
Leader: Koga

Decided to start a koga run. Aim is to start with gen 1 and work my way up to gen 3. Considered using a code to start with Grimer but ended up starting with Bulbasaur and releasing it once i caught Nidoran, will just catch Grimer when it becomes available in the game.

Updates may be a little slow but i will definitely get through gen 1 at the very least. This Challenge seems like a great idea and should be alot of fun, there are alot of other leaders i would like to try after Koga aswell. May add a screenshot box next to the event log and just place some key pictures in ie beating leaders or rival.

Pokemon Blue
»Cerulean City
Lv14 | Nickname
• Leech Life
• Super sonic
Nidorina Lv23 | Nickname
• Tackle
• Growl
• Scratch
• Poison Sting

Event Log
• Received bulbasaur and pokedex from oak
• Lost against Greens Charmander ( sadface )
• Captured a Nidoran
• Beat Green in a rematch
• Nidoran evolved into Nidorina in the Viridian Forest
• After healing up headed to the gym and beat Brocks apprentice
• Beat Brock, potioning up while he bided
• Headed through Mt Moon where i caught a Zubat
• Beat the team rocket members inside Mt Moon and made way to cerulean city to heal
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