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I don't really get excited over the technical aspects of anyone's art so much as the content. Let's take Pokemon for example. It could be the most detailed, full color picture ever, but if it's just a Pokemon in a forest looking over its shoulder because it's just a skittish pose to make, yawn.

I'll take a 1 minute doodle of something funny anyday. People who take stuff beyond what you'd expect in a good way are what get me motivated. That's why I like the Pokemon 4koma from Takahiro.

I'm still the most inspired by UPA, Jay Ward Productions and the whole modern illustration movement in the 50s-60s (as well as illustrations from the 20s-30s). I one day wanna make a limited animation, but darn me, I always end up making everything fluid. That perfectionist in me, I cannot shut him up.

I do fangasm over anyone who draws a funny cute Nido picture, especially when someone Japanese does it. So rare, maybe that's why I love Takahiro so much more. That's right, the surefire way to get my intrests up sky high is with funny Nidorina pictures. OrL

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