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A Minimalist Revision Control System

Hello all. I'm very sure that many of you were depressed with the cancellation/hiatus of SkyDock Development.

Thread found here.

I was too.

I eventually got around to it, and decided to make my own Revision Control System. It is now supported by Windows. The VBscripts have been replaced by a single dynamic link library, improving stability, dependency, and compatibility.

Originally Posted by msfan645
But, no matter how much tools come out, there will never be a mac tool...
It'll be eventually ported to Java, but as of now, it runs perfectly under WINE. I'm not sure about the functionality, though. I'd usually expect Mac users to use VMs (Virtual Macines) for hacking, anyways.

It has only one main bug, which can be easily diagnosed. I am planning to fix it in the next release.

Also, instead of doing it in C++, I've decided on VB.NET, simply because it produces very small application filesizes. My goal is to be minimalist, hence the name, MinRCS.

The project files will be moved onto a SourceForge page soon, as well. Then you will have access to the entire repository.

Back up file revisions
Restore file revisions with soft overwrites (merging)
Repose only certain files
Lists all non-revision files and revisions in the selected folder
Open the folder in Windows Explorer
Create revisions with custom filetypes

Expected Features:
Plugin Support (Similar to PGE)
Port to Java

Expected Plugins:
Hex Editor
Free Space Manager
Walkthrough Creator


People who want to help, you are welcome to use the source or help me in the main development.

I'm making the project fully open source at the start.
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