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For me, I have a ton of artist idols who I look up to-- but for now, I'll impart the three on deviantart who really make me sigh with a desire to improve every time I see their updates.

I love how even though when you really look hard at her piece, it's really quite rough, but when you just look at it initially it's incredibly smooth and the details are to die for. Her coloring style is really my ideal, and I adore the way she renders faces.

TKNK is my fashion god-- truly there is no parallel, except perhaps Miwa Shirow, to this guy's beautiful eye for composition of the perfect outfit, the perfect eyelashes and glossy lips. I love the make-up he renders on his faces, it's just so nice /////

Shameless plug, but Alex is a friend of mine and his art is truly inspiring-- his eye for detail, yet also the simplicities and symbolism in his works make perusing his gallery a ton of fun!

.... I'll probably have more to add in the future. I can already think of a ton of other friends who's art I love LOL
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