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Quote originally posted by arkantosTR:
simply the best pokemon hack ever. looking forward to play it when you finish it
Thanks for the comment!
Quote originally posted by UtopiaRay:
Nice hack, I love the mew and the Pikachu fusion its really cool! and the graphics are nice!
Quote originally posted by alienhunterx:
Its been decades since we heard anything new for Shining Opal Diego... Whats Up?
Nothing really since I've been distracted from Shining Opal, sometimes by CrystalDust, other times by life.
Quote originally posted by magikarp1234:
3 gyms are available.
story is nice and attractive.
gameplay is good. my pokemon level and oppenent level always keep going along except at the end, my poke is 40 and oppent is 35.

Overall : Quite good ... and the second gym is Ugh... a troll... Luckily, I still won and did not even come back to heal for the first try
Yeah, I hope to work out leveling for the next beta.
Quote originally posted by hanabluebird:
This is one of the more interesting hacks that introduces a fake starter!
Quote originally posted by AmazingCharizard:
How many Fakemon are there in this hack? Only Mikachu or more? And are they essential for specific events or can I just stick to other "normal" Pokemon as well?
It's only Mikachu, and you'll need to keep it in your party, though you don't need to use it.
Quote originally posted by Dagger45615:
I am stuck in Klindor City
i have defeated the GymBrothers, and walked down route 5, but the house on the end does not have an entrance. Also the second gym is waaaaaay overpowered. You are lucky if you have 3 pokemon in level 25 to face it. And may god help you if one of them is not a bird pokemon. Same goes for the battle arena. Also i wonder if I can get a waterstone anywhere near where i am.
Btw, why do you use the gen 4 gyms, PokeCentres and PokeMarts. They're ugly as ****, and doesn't fit in. (I'll bet my ass Linkandzelda had something to do with it)
Klindor City is the end of the beta. And in regards to the last issue:

With my work on CrystalDust, I've grown to like the FireRed style more than before. So I want to pose a question: should I change Shining Opal over to a FireRed style of graphics?

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