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@Powerserge: Miura and Takehito-san are just amazing at art. They easily have the best artwork in all manga I've read till now, in my opinion. <3; Berserk's artwork just fits it to the t. It is brutal and as realistic as it should be. While Vagabond's is beautiful. I haven't read the manga yet but almost every single manga panel I've seen on internet of it looks breathtaking. They're both just fantastic artists. <3;

@Slenderman - That pic is definitely awesome, haha. No one would think you're ass-kissing because the picture is actually that good. <3;

@Anon - Definitely do! Those look really nice. Especially the last sketch - SO FREAKIN' GOOD, OMG! ;___;

@Loki - OMG I CAN OBSESS AND FANBOY OVER THEM ARTISTS' SKILLZ FOREVER!!! Honestly, they're just beautiful. <3; I personally am not a fan of yaoi but the third pic looks really awesome too <3; Awesome colors, lighting and perspective! <33;

@Renyui! - Now this is just epic stuff. The perspective, man. <3;

With all that said, I'd like to bring your attention to these pics. The guy is generally labelled as one who has a really weird art style. And it's true; it does take some time to get used to it. But, over time, you'll probably grow to appreciate the immense amount of hard work this guy puts into his works - talking about none other than One Piece's author; Eiichiro Oda. I just love the art style. <3; Just notice all the detailing that the buildings and the like have in all the panels below:

I mean, honestly, just LOOK at that insane level of detail. And this manga's weekly! ;o;

Character designs can be pretty wacky but I love them anyway; just look at these :3

I have many more examples but I gotta do some searching; ain't got no time fo' dat. :p If I could draw half as good as he does I'd be satisfied, haha.

Keep posting stuff, people! I really love going through all the amazing art you all post; I'm sure you do too! So let us not break this cycle! :)
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