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Quote originally posted by Powerserge:
Hey again, CloysterOyster, haha

Preferred username: Powerserge

Partner Pokémon: Heracross!!!

Answer the current topic: I don't really watch the anime that much so I'm just gonna guess that it was Bugsy.

Favorite Bug type move: MEGAHORN!!!

Why do you like/love Bug type Pokémon?
I've always loved insects and arachnids very much. I used to collect them and draw diagrams of them. I never understood why people are creeped out by them, because they seem so interesting! Naturally, that love of bugs translated into Pokemon as well!

Welcome to the club. Heracross is awesome, and so is the move Megahorn. I believe I spent a great deal of time trying to get a Heracross in the Johto era games and teaching it that. I am creeped out by most real-life bugs, like yesterday when a June bug got in my room and I couldn't find it. I like Pokémon bugs though.

I have made Facebook pages of all 721 existing Pokémon plus Mega evolutions. If you want to join them, search for them in this format: [Pokémon's name], Pokémon # [Pokédex number], or for Mega evolutions, just type in Mega [Pokémon's name]