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Manga 544 leaks
Overall, I thought this was an alright chapter.
Kubo has been developing the Sternritter fair enough.
I just hope he doesn't waste it by killing them off in a single chapter a piece.
The ending was the type of Kubo cliffhanger tease I hate.

Originally Posted by -Lapras-
I read it as they're both getting dressed as he splits. I guess that would be clearer in the anime, like Mayuri 'fixing' Nemu was.

My initial guess of what her letter stands for still fits.
You're supposed to use spoiler tags...
I laughed when I read this on the Bleach wiki...

"Following the Vandenreich's retreat from Soul Society, Bambietta is present when Yhwach appoints Uryū Ishida his successor, an announcement that shocks her. Soon after, she orders a male subordinate to accompany her to her room, under the pretense of "doing it". However, in her room she vertically bisects the man, killing him. Four of her fellow female Stern Ritter enter the room, chastising her for her habit of killing attractive men when she is annoyed. When they start to bicker amongst themselves, Bambietta tells them to shut up, as she is worried about the future of Vandenreich."

Mangastream's translation didn't give that specific context, at least from Bambietta's side.
It'll be interesting to see Viz's official translation.

Originally Posted by -Lapras-
What if Aizen is actually Urahara's bankai?