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Alright got a lot of time to play yesterday cuz I was on a 9 hour airplane ride. Well here's a log of what happened:
-Decided to put Richie into the pc because of the op-ness of having a legendary.
-Went to the cold storage and ko'd a machop with a crit on the opening water pulse i used with pinky
-Defeated Clay very easily with Gary by my side
-So on route 6 I was met by a keldeo. Afraid that it would ohko pinky, I went for a confusion and critted on the first shot
-So on to Mistralton City, Skyla tells us to go to the Celestial Tower, where we find a Kabutops. Fortunately we catch it. Named him Alpha Male because he's the only male on the team, and the entire journey.
-As we ventured further up the Tower and battled more trainers, slot evolved into Darmanitan.
-Went into the gym and was able to beat Skyla with no casualties thankfully
-Now I stopped right in front of Twist Mountain.

In summary I have 6 gyms, 5 caught Pokemon, and 0 deaths
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