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I thought this list would be easy, but realized that it was actually kind of hard to do (except for 2 gens Johto and Hoenn), as there many that fit in. Judging mostly how the Pokemon looks like

Gen. 1 - Kanto: had trouble deciding as a few Pokemon all fit in as ugliest, but for me it would go to Diglett. Very simple and boring design, and can't see the rest of it [some of my others would be: Tangela and Snorlalx]

Gen. 2 - Johto: Chikorita and its evolutions, I have never liked it design

Gen. 3 - Hoenn: Torchic and all its evolutions, again, I don't like its design at all

Gen 4 - Sinnoh: Lopunny, didn't like its design since the first time I seen it, it looked plain ugly in my opinion [others I'll mention: Chimchar and its evos, Piplup and its evos, Shellos, Bonsly, Mime Jr., Hippoppotas, Lickylicky, Tangrowth, & Rotom]

Gen 5 - Unova: very hard to decide who would be worse in design but I'll give it to Klink and its 2 evolutions Klang and Klinklang - to me it doesn't even look like a Pokemon, more like left over lost pieces of machinery [others to mention: Cottonee, Gothita and its evolutions, Vanillish and its evolutions, Golett & Golurk]

Gen 6 - Kalos: I won't judge/rate until all Pokemon are introduced.
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