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I'm going to add more on my gym leaders
Steven gives you diamond badge and TM Gyro ball
His gym is a mine
Buddy gives you mosquito badge and TM X-scissor
His gym is a beehive
Eve gives you foreign badge and TM Trick room
Her gym is a simulation of the distortion world
Kronos gives you magma badge and TM Will-o-wisp
His gym is a volcano
Tiffany gives you chilled badge and TM Frost breath
Her gym is an igloo with the trainers inside wearing penguin suits
Darius gives you Doom badge and TM Theif
His gym is in a desert. Inside, there's only a long hall with trainers in it. There's no music. The gym leader is at the end of the hall
Sean gives you Fish badge and TM Aqua ring
His gym is inside a big hole in the ground that's filled with water
Aaron (I changed the eight gym leader's name) gives you windy badge and TM Brave Bird
His gym is a watch tower

Even more
The region is named Cynaplo, which is known for its strange landscape, especially there's a land border in the shape of a C
Steven's gym is in Sturny Village: a hot, dry, and barely populated village known for its music
Buddy's gym takes place in Borest Town: a town inside a lush and beautiful forest. Known for its rain
Eve's gym is in Cynaplo city, The capital on the C in Cynaplo. Known for its ranged weather and gym
Kronos's gym is outside Magmot town, a dangerous place because of the active volcano nearby
Tiffany's gym is in Carthice City: A peaceful, but cold city. Known for its arcades
Darius's gym is in the middle of Gry desert and is in fact the former leader of the crime organization Team Solar
Sean's gym is like a underwater tunnel leading to the gym leader. Outside is Aqualol city: a city filled with rich people
Aaron's gym is the watchtower of Famellot port : a port outside Wraterage City, a quiet city known for its food, Ferris Wheel, and writers
The pokemon league is on top of Coltage Mountain: a big mountain next to an incredibly tall mountain called Teroponn Mountain
Viktor, the champion, is also the guardian of Teroponn Mountain, which lies a sleeping legendary pokemon