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@ doronjo - nice! I'll be awaiting your finished SU.

@ Cirrus - yes, if you post less than once a week, this RP might become rather stale. But as long as a RPer has a good reason, it's of course okay to take necessary breaks ^^

If you answered no, choose one of the starter pokémon from the games to receive from Oak, such as Chikorita, Chimchar, Snivy etc. Any main game.
The only game you can't pick starters from is Yellow~ Then you'll have to answer "yes" and already have gotten your license. I guess the wording in the SU was a bit dumb. Hm. You don't have to be a pokémon trainer, it just means if you have gotten your license yet or not.

@ EB - awesome! Lemme know when it's done.

@ Cosmic Fury - indeed, you are reserved. Looking forward to seeing your SU!

And with that, no more spots are open for reservation. After just one night, thanks guys~:3

EDIT: an extra note, I would appreciate if at least two of the characters were female. More fun with a little mix; we'll be 6 people going on this journey and so far 5 seem to be guys and that makes me iffy haha.
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