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While I prefer the first OP's music, I like the second OP's scenery. :o

Episode 15.

Recon Corps has its fair share of quirky people. Hanji obsesses over Titans, Rivaille/Levi is neat freak, and Mike smells people. ._.

Hanji! <3 Now I understand why the others got up and left. Poor Eren, sitting through the discussion the entire night and not learning anything new. I think he's handling this rather maturely, or he doesn't have a choice, since from here on out, he may be separated from his friends. :(

One funny moment was when someone said that Hanji shouldn't be screaming in that situation, where she was hurting the Titan. xD

I didn't realize that Levi was so short, like Edward from Fullmetal Alchemist. 8D
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