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I just registered solely to thank Metapod for this wonderful hack. It's the best I 've ever played. Congrats man and keep at it; I can't wait to see it finished.

I also had the problem with the old lady but thankfully some members provided a solution. A bug I encountered was something minor. In the left side of the mountain where you battle the second person of the Orange crew, once you enter the small cave that contains the hyper potion (I hope I remember the item well), you can't get out.

Originally Posted by XCLUSiV View Post
well, i got past the old lady by patching to 4.0 then repatching to 4.2 after but now when i go to the poke center my screen turns black and my game freezes, if anyones had the same problem and has a solution can you please tell me.
I had the same problem. I downloaded a fresh new FireRed v1.0 rom and I installed the hack again. It worked smoothly after that.
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