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• What was your team in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? Uh I was Cubone and my partner was Pikachu. On subsequent throughs I've tried to change it up, but I've always ended up returning to that combination.
• Did you have a particular pokemon join your party? Not really.
• Did you create a team on impulse? Not really. Pretty much I just recruited Pokemon to recruit them, and then ditched them afterwards.
• Did you just go along with you and your partner? It was too much hassle trying to have other pokemon come with you during the storyline.
• After the main storyline, did you change your party around? Yes. After the main storyline, I pretty much ditched plot and tried to catch as many pokemon as I could so I could have one of each in the friend zones. I didn't quite do it, but I have resolved to do it some day.
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