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Hey everyone! Good to be here, and I'm SO excited to get things rolling. Just going to mention that you're welcome to make up an animal, or pick an already-established animal in the Avatar world as a pet. However, you should ONLY be doing this if you're determined to have a pet (Alá Momo or Bolin's fire ferret), and you think you'd be good at portraying said pet Otherwise, ask Swifty and I if you have any questions!

Kalden | The OOC thread

Name: Kalden (Pronounced Kal’den)

Element: Air

Additional weapon: His glider-staff

Appearance: Being an 18-year old boy, Kalden definitely looks youthful. He sports no form of facial hair, either due to it not growing yet, or him shaving it off. He’s slightly taller than your average 18-year old male, has light-brown eyes and jet-black hair. Unlike most airbenders, Kalden has grown out his hair rather than shaving his head bald, and has grown it long enough for it to be completely slicked back and pulled into a ponytail at the centre of the back of his head, the tail reaching down to just touch between his shoulders.

He’s definitely not considered over-muscled, but he does still have some physical prowess, thanks to his training and career within the Pro-Bending scene. Most would describe him as ‘Athletic’, being tall and more agile than strong, though he seems to still be able to pack a punch, should you get into a fight with him.

His clothing is not exactly traditional for an Airbender either. His feet are clad with a pair of comfortable, orangey-brown shoes, rather than the near-knee-high boots usually worn by his people. The orangey-yellow, below-knee-length pants that is traditional for his people, he does wear, although a version that’s a lot less ‘baggy’ than usually, which also bares his legs from his ankles, up to below his knees.

He wears a pair of orange wrist-bands, but no gloves outside of the Pro-Bending arena, as he feels they restrict his movements too much. On his torso, he wears an orange, yellow and brown-ish, sleeveless vest with a high collar, buttoned in the front, below his chest. Underneath this vest, he wears a dark-brown undershirt, which is barely seen when wearing the vest.

( Basically this is his vest, although in different colours. )

Personality: Kalden used to be a quiet, mild-mannered child, who didn’t have a hard time making friends. However, as he grew up, he became a little more… spirited. He’s full of energy and always ready for a laugh, either with, or on behalf of his friends. Though he might come off as a bit of a show-off and being slightly too focused on making what he does look interesting, he’s a good guy at heart, not wanting anything bad to overcome neither those he know, nor anyone else. He’s often seen with a large smile or a grin plastered on his face, and he always seems ready for an adventure of some kind, no matter how big or small it is.

Brief History: Being one of the few airbenders in the world, Kalden grew up on Air Temple Island, along with his family and the acolytes, hoping to learn from his family. Granted, there were alot more airbenders than when Avatar Korra was around, but it was still an incredibly small number compared to the other three or, some would say, four, types of benders.

Keldan grew up relatively sheltered, with minimum access to Republic City, despite the fact that his grandmother is part of the city's council. He was happy though, growing up being a rather unique individual, along his family. Things got a little shaken up, however, as he was taken to Avatar camp, along with other children around the world, all the same age, nearly down to the minute. As he returned, something seemed... changed, in the boy. It was hard to notice, but he seemed less introverted and quiet, and more... out there, if only by a little.

Only a few years later, he was visited by a girl from family somewhere in the mainland, whom he'd met at the Avatar training camp, due to... well, her being the Avatar, and needed training with airbending. He hardly spoke to her, but he did recognize her, and there weren't any hostilities between them. He just didn't really... talk to her.

As he grew older, his bubbly, childish nature grew with him, making him a very energetic, outwards-faced, young man. He still took his training and meditation seriously, but he also acknowledged that air was the element of freedom, and as he grew old enough, he felt it to be the right time to move out and into Republic City, as he'd been longing to for several years now.

It took some time, and help from his family, but he managed to get himself an appartment and a part-time job at a local restaurant as a cleaner, which would make him enough money to just get by. It didn't take long for him to find a love in his heart for Pro Bending, after having witnessed some local boys in a gym not far from the docks, where his appartment lay.

He began training, and it was clear fairly sure that most other up-and-coming Pro Benders had no strategy on how to beat an airbender, or in some cases, they simply weren't enough of a match to the young airbender. At the age of fifteen, nearly sixteen, he had assembled a team of himself, a firebender named Jian and an earthbender named Dominic, completing their team, "The Force of Nature".

The three of them swiftly made their way up the ranks, and within a year and a half, they were among the top of the Pro-Bending teams of Republic City, having barely lost the previous championship to the Crocodile Pumas. However! The annual Pro Bending Championship is drawing near, and Kalden and his two team mates are working hard on preparing themselves to reach the top of the Pro Bending circuit this year.

Sample Roleplay: Growing up on Air Temple Island near Republic City wasn’t that tough. Other kids might think so, but Kalden, who hadn’t experienced any different, thought it to be a lovely place, full of peace, tranquillity, and of course, the bond of his family.

However, he was taken to the Avatar training camp, with quite a lot of protests from his side, at the age of five. His parents assured him that he would return within a year, and for them, he tried to hold back the tears of having to be away from his mother and father, and the rest of his family for that matter, for so long. As he came to the camp, erected somewhere hidden within the mainland, he felt alienated by everyone else, especially being the only airbender, but also from being away from home, which he had never been. He'd never made friends with other kids than the ones of his family, so he pulled a bit into himself and mostly stayed on his own.
However, after a few weeks of training and personal solitude, and, let's face it, alot of crying, another of the kids, a firebender named Isang, who asked him if he wanted to go play. Excited to actually meet someone else, Kalden went off with him, and it didn't take long before they were the best of friends during his entire stay at the camp.

With the help of Isang, it didn't take long for him to make new friends, although the training was –much- harder than back on Air Temple Island. Of course, he aced the airbending, as much as could be expected from a five year old kid, but he had quite a lot of trouble with the other elements. Eventually, the Avatar had been found and Kalden was saddened that he had to leave his new friends, possibly never to see them again. He was looking forward to returning home, however, and as he got home, he told his parents everything he had seen and learned at the camp. Seemingly, the experience had awoken something in the boy, envigorated him and given him twice the spirit he possessed before going. Either to his parents’ joy… or dismay, depending on what time of the morning it kicked off.

Titans Reborn!

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