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Taido - Team-up time!

From Mom:
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Ever since Alaric left... I decided to just lay in a tree. Taido was obliviously a bit sad because of the farewells to his great friend, Alaric... but, it was time to raid the Tomb, and Alaric wasn't on his team. Well... I had a feeling that we weren't gonna hang out for long, anyway... Maybe my team will be good? And with that thought, Taido got up, and ran up to the board to find his team. He then found Team 5, which was his team, of course. I've never met any of these people before... He then sighed a bit loudly...

I think Troock's the only one that's even freaking familiar. Hey, what team is Alaric on? Taido then looked for the team his electric-buddy was on. He had a bit of a hard time finding it, but he did. It was Team 2, and there was no one he knew other than Alaric, anyway... Alaric, I hope you do well in the Tomb... He then prayed into a leaf, and then let it flow away.

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