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There is only ONE winner for this.

Donkey Kong Country 2 - Forest Interlude

Forget favorite video game music, this is my favorite piece of music as a whole, in any medium whatsoever. It is wonderfully composed, engrossingly atmospheric and just beautiful to listen to - and considering the SNES sound limitations, this is nothing short of perfection. The whole game is full of fantastic soundtracks.
Mining Melancholy
Stickerbush Symphony
Hot Head Bop
Bayou Boogie
Disco Train

I was actually on a track to post every single soundtrack in the game so I'll stop here lol.

Honorable mentions:
Donkey Kong Country
Rhythm Tengoku (The sound quality here is actually REALLY impressive for a GBA game)
Rhythm Heaven
Rhythm Heaven Fever
Elite Beat Agents (I know they're covers but they're so good.)
Wario Land 4
Super Mario Land
Punch Out!! (Wii)

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