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Chapter 3

A few hours after getting their pokemon healed at a nearby pokemon center. After getting to know each other, the group visited the Pyrite Town police station, along with Wes and Rui. Upon entry, Officer Jenny was there and as usual, Brock just couldnt handle himself as he dashed over to her and gently grabbed her hands.

Officer Jenny, Brock said dreamily. It may have been a few hours, but every second is like an eternity.

Jenny became stunned of what he just said, but then calmed as Max and Misty pulled each one of Brocks ears. And every time you do that, well be doing this, Max said with a frown.

Oh, Officer Jenny, Brock whimpered, much to Wes and Ruis curiosity.
Is he always like this? Rui asked.
Every time, Ash replied with a sigh.
Pika pika, Pikachu squeaked, with a tone that agreed with Ash.

Ahem, Jenny said. Shall we?

She took them down one of the corridors of the station until she opened a room to her left. The room revealed to have a large map of Orre at the end of the room and a number of chairs. Please sit down, Jenny said politely. Make yourselves comfortable.

After everyone sat down on their chairs, Jenny took out a marker pen and circled various locations on the map.

As you can see, Jenny started. Ive circled three locations of the Orre region, which are Team Dark bases. We, as a group, need to split up into three to take down a base each, and arresting anyone involved.

And then, she continued as she drew another circle on the map. We shall meet up on this point to take the final Team Dark base down and arrest its leader. Any questions?

Can I make one of those bases explode? Black Jack asked.
If you are certain that its the right thing to do, Jenny replied. Yes.
So thats it? All we have to do is take a base each, shut it down, meet you at the rendezvous point to find the leader and get him?
Thats right.
Good. As long as there is action, thats fine with me.
Are there any other questions?

Everyone shook their heads sideways. No? officer Jenny asked. Good. Now well need three groups.

Ill be going on my own, Black Jack said as he stood up. You guys pick whoever you want.

Wait a minute, Jenny said, as Black Jack was about to leave. Youre going to need someone in your group, just in case.

Black Jack stopped and let out a small sigh, knowing that hell be kept on reminded until he picked his team member, he then quickly picked his team members. Fine, if I have to I pick Meowth, May and Max.

Dah!! Meowth said in shock. Why me!?
Even though you are useless, this the least I could do to get you out of trouble and double-crossing us, Black Jack replied as he left, just before Max and May could ask him the same question.

Whats up with him? Wes asked.
Dont worry too much about him, Ash replied. He always likes to do things on his own. I just wish that he would ask for a helping hand sometimes.

Well, since Black Jack has chosen his teammates, Jenny said. Ill be the team captain for one of the teams, and I also suggest that Stevens also becomes a team captain for another.

Okay with me, Stevens replied.

They both took different turns to pick out their team members. In the end, Jenny picked James, Jesse, Wes and Rui, which made Brocks face turn blue and sulk in the corner since he wanted to team up with Jenny so much, while Stevens picked Ash, Misty and Brock.

Good thing I have a gallant prince by my side, Rui said in a cute tone as she gently held Wes by his arm, making him blush in embarrassment.

Thats that, Jenny said after each team chose their locations. Now everyone take a good nights rest, we have a big day tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Black Jack was walking around Pyrite Town carrying around an opened bottle of beer he bought from a local tavern. He spotted a huge dome-like building and heard some cheering inside and wondered if this was a stadium. Upon entry, a ticket seller welcomed him.

Welcome to Pyrite coliseum, sir! the ticket seller said enthusiastically.
Hey, Black Jack said. How much is it to get in?
Just ten bucks, sir, the ticket seller replied as he took Black Jacks money in exchange for a ticket.

Black Jack proceeded to walk into one of the audience balconies and noticed that inside of the stadium was quite messy and smelly, he also noticed that there were ten levels of balconies that he could visit and decided to take the fifth level.

As he walked to the fifth level, he looked down and noticed a knocked out Scyther being dragged away by two people. Black Jack also noticed a Rhydon, but it was not any Rhydon as he had a metal arm, replacing one of his forelegs as one of his limbs.

Ladies and gentleman! the announcer cried. Are you going to let this pokemon walk away with your money?

The audience, apart from Black Jack, began to boo and yelled out various things.

Get that freak outta here!
No way hes walking away with my money!

Then, a huge muscular man came onto the battlefield, but the Rhydon showed no fear on his face, yet he showed no determination.

Ladies and gentleman! the announcer cried. I give you The Liberator!

The audience gave a standing ovation, while Black Jack showed no expression either. As the Liberator took out his pokeball the announcer walked over to him.

Remember, no cheating, said the announcer as he covered his microphone.
I thought you said everything goes! the Liberator said.
Yeah, but some people may not like that, the announcer replied. He then placed the microphone near his mouth. BEGIN!!

The Liberator tossed out his pokeball and a four-armed tough Machamp came out and showed a few poses to show off while Rhydon showed a pose of his own, he beckoned Machamp to come and attack him.

Machamp dashed at Rhydon and punched him in the stomach, staggering him. He then punched Rhydon in the face, making him spin round and walk a few steps away from him, trying to recover.

Machamp aimed another punch at Rhydon but Rhydon quickly retaliated, as he turned round and gave a punch of his own at Machamps incoming fist. As both forces collided, there was a huge clanging noise and Machamp yelled out in pain as he took away his hand to shake away the pain.

While Machamp was distracted, Rhydon grabbed hold of him and began punching him in the stomach like he was a punching bag with his metal foreleg. After some repeated blows, Rhydon held Machamp by the head and headbutted him in the face, knocking him out without feeling the recoil. No! cried the Liberator in disbelief. This cant be happening!

Ladies and gentleman, the announcer yelled as the Liberator called back his Machamp. Heres your winner, Mecha!

So thats the Rhydons name, Black Jack thought in an interested tone.

No one liked the announcement and continued booing at Mecha. As the Liberator walked out, feeling embarrassed and ashamed, a man with blue jeans, blue jacket with a black T-shirt underneath, red cap, and long brown scruffy hair walked in. Hey, he said, catching the announcers attention. I want a challenge.

Mecha looked at his challenger and smiled, as he thought that he wouldnt stand a chance against him. Noticing his confident smile, the announcer made another announcement. We have a surprise challenge here, ladies and gentleman! Mecha will face um

The announcer looked at the challenger. Isaac Wolfpack, the challenger said.

Isaac Wolfpack! The announcer cried enthusiastically. The rules and stakes will continue as usual!

Isaac walked over to his respective part of the battlefield and took out his pokeball. Go! Heracross! he shouted as he tossed it out.

A horned blue bug pokemon came out of its pokeball and prepared himself for battle. Heracro! he hissed in a determined tone.

Without warning, Mecha rushed towards Heracross and attempted to slam his metal arm on him. Heracross! Isaac yelled. Dodge it!

Mecha missed his attack as Heracross did as he instructed as he barely moved out of the way by leaping over him. While Heracross was leaping, he somersaulted and landed behind Rhydon.

Mecha turned round as he swung his metal arm at Heracross. Its using his metal arm again, Heracross! Isaac warned. Try to use your one of your counters!

Mecha missed again as Heracross jumped and grabbed hold of Mechas head and slammed his face to the ground.

Facebuster, Black Jack thought as he observed the match. And people say that wrestlings fake.

Mecha slowly stood up holding his hurt face, feeling dizzy. Get ready to go on the offensive, Heracross! Isaac yelled.

Heracross crouched down, ready to give Mecha whatever attack Isaac yells out. As Mecha stood fully up, Isaac yelled out his attack, Body Slam!

Heracross quickly ran at Mecha like a speed bullet and launched himself at him like a missile but Rhydon grabbed him and slammed him on his back, causing major damage. No! Isaac cried. Heracross! Get up!

Mecha held up his metal arm and attempted to knock Heracross out with it but the blue bug moved out of the way, making Mecha punch the ground instead and creating a huge crack in it.

Heracross, set him up! Isaac yelled. Upon hearing that command, Heracross beckoned Mecha to chase him around. Mecha chased Heracross around the arena until Heracross ran up to the arena wall, he then jumped off the wall and fell fifteen feet, landing his body on top of Mechas, knocking him down.

Impressive, Black Jack thought.

Heracross! Isaac yelled in concern as he noticed his Heracross holding onto his damaged stomach. Are you okay?

Heracross nodded to his trainer, motioning that he wanted to go on. Okay! Isaac yelled. Get ready to use your Megahorn!

Heracrosss horn glowed vigorously as Rhydon shook away his dizziness while he slowly got back up to his feet. Now!! Isaac yelled. Heracross did as he was told and charged at Mecha at the speed of sound but Mecha saw that coming as his metal arm glowed while he gave Heracross a vicious punch to the damaged gut, sending him flying to the feet of his trainer and knocking him out, much to Isaacs disbelief.

As Heracross fell on his back, Isaac kneeled down to him. Heracross, he said. Im sorry I shouldve been more strict with you
Hera Heracross whispered apologetically.

Ladies and gentleman, heres your winner Mecha, the announcer yelled while Mecha turned round to walk away.

Suddenly, some rumblings were felt and heard throughout the entire arena
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