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Old March 14th, 2013 (4:28 PM).
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How strong do you think you are? In addition, how scared of death are you?
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Old March 14th, 2013 (4:34 PM).
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I don't know. I can pick up someone I know who is more than double my weight, though. [: Upon playfully punching someone's arm, they complained that they no longer could move it.

I'm not afraid of dying. If I die, I die. I mean, I don't want to die quite yet- but if I do, so be it. I don't have high enough hopes for the future to care all that much.
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Old March 14th, 2013 (4:40 PM).
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I'm not the strong type of person who can lift 200 lbs over my shoulder easily. But I can easily defeat someone who is 200 lbs more than me, tho.

As for dying, I'm just afraid of dying when I know I haven't accomplished what it was I have planned to do.
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Old March 14th, 2013 (5:19 PM).
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well Back then i was WAY stronger that i am now...maybe because before i felt tired of going here and there so i ate a lot but now as tiredless i think i ate lees than before...and of course the more healthy food you eat the stronger you get!

Yeah,i'm afraid of will separate me from the ones i love and i'm gonna miss them so much!
A Caterpie may change into a Butterfree, but the heart that beats inside remains the same.
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Old March 14th, 2013 (7:13 PM).
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I guess i'd say I think i'm strong, I can lift the front up of a car...
Can I fight? Hehahahaha... I guess you could say that...

Just look at everyone's favorite Slenderman's signature. X)
I'm not afraid of dying; I'm afraid of never having lived.

{Never and Forever}

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Old March 14th, 2013 (8:24 PM).
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4/10, 10 being strongest.
4/10, 10 being most afraid.

Are the questions somehow related — ie. by strength do you mean overall fortitude?
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Old March 14th, 2013 (8:28 PM).
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Moderately strong, and very afraid of death. But I'd love to have a fist fight with God or something.
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Old March 14th, 2013 (9:11 PM).
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I'm so weak. My arms can't lift more than 25 pounds on a chest lift machine more than like 50 times. I just can't do it.

I don't have good endurance either. Looking to improve that though.

Not really afraid of death, I'll die when it's my time.
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Old March 15th, 2013 (2:14 AM).
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I'm decently strong in a weightlifting sense. I probably won't put up huge numbers on the bench press/squat anytime soon, but I can do at least 205/315lbs on bench/squat, respectively. There are other forms of strength though, such as functional strength for boxing and any art of self-defense, and of course mental strength. Doesn't matter how much you can lift, if you're not functionally/mentally strong you're not going to put up much of a fight.

As for fear of death, when it happens it happens, but I try to make the most of my time here. You never know long you're going to be here. It's something I try and not think of.
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Old March 15th, 2013 (2:28 AM).
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I am piss weak physically haha. I'd like to get more muscular...but I hardly have any motivation. Mentally though, I'm exactly the opposite! :]
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Old March 15th, 2013 (3:04 AM).
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I guess i'm pretty average strong, but i did karate for like 10's not all about strength you know, technique is pretty important too

~ Anything for my Nakama ~
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Old March 15th, 2013 (8:59 AM).
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I am not as strong as I used to be. so that would make me pretty weak.
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Old March 15th, 2013 (12:00 PM).
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I used to be quite weak but now I'd say I'm fairly strong for my height. I weigh 43kilos but I do crunches with 40 kilos. Dunno how much I could bench, but I do 3 sets of 10-12 squat-presses at 6 kilos on each arm :3
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Old March 15th, 2013 (9:33 PM).
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I really am not strong and have a problem with heavy things. I think my life would be easier if i had more strength.
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Old March 16th, 2013 (5:01 AM).
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I'm deceptively weak. People see me as a tall young man and assume I'm really strong but in fact I have no measurable upper body strength and what little muscle I do have has come from spending the last four years lifting beer cartons for a living.

On a completely different and unrelated note that makes me wonder why these two questions were both asked in the same thread, I'm incredibly scared of death lol.

"So this is why God bombed us."

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Old March 20th, 2013 (10:01 AM).
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I am surprisingly small for my age and I don't really consider myself physically strong, however I am very mentally tough and I think that is just as important.

Also yes terrified of death.
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