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Old May 9th, 2014, 05:07 AM
indieoutloud's Avatar
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Hey Nicco! I see that you're new here, so from one newbie to another, welcome! It's nice to (sorta) meet you!

I know the idea of Pokemon with three types sounds cool on paper but there would be a lot more involved in coding this than you would likely think and I'm not sure it would really work at all... Wouldn't there be like 8x weaknesses? Wouldn't that ruin things? The whole thing could be turned upside down. I just think two types was done for a reason. But I could be wrong!

Your starters names sound Pokemon-ish and believable but the team name sounds somewhat generic... Although mine probably does as well. As for how they look I would visit for some inspiration. If you contact the makers of the Fakemon sometimes they will allow public use.

I want to see what a Laser or Sound Pokemon would look like haha! First thing that comes to mind is Jigglypuff. The rest of your ideas sound pretty good too although I haven't seen a wow factor. For early stages of development you don't want to be over ambitious though so I think you're on the right path.

If you want to keep in touch or ever pass ideas back and forth I'm always down for that! Just add me and PM me whenever!

Take care man!


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Old May 11th, 2014, 10:32 AM
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Hey nicco 139, here’s just another newbie commenting on your idea.

The three types may sound cool but you’ll have to work a lot on it. Keep in mind that you’ll have to balance all the gameplay from scratch in order to 3-types to work. If you don’t do that 3-types will be too over powered and break the “gameplay balance”.

Same with the new types. You need to create then new types affinity, change types of Pokemon and attacks, create some new brand attacks trying to compensate the gameplay, etc. Is a pretty cool idea, but very difficult. Also, remember that using all new Pokemon means that you have to create an attack set for those Pokemon, new stats too. I hope you can create a nice and innovative game with your ideas :D
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Old May 11th, 2014, 11:03 AM
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Join Date: Feb 2009


Pokemon… But with Superheroes!

As an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D you are given the almighty task to prevent Hydra’s world domination, by obtaining the Tesseract, a cube that has the ability to warp people and things from one dimension to another, they have managed to create a Supervillain team from various Dimensions and Universes forming what seems to be an unstoppable force! They have already claimed much of this universe and plan to overrule them all, leaving a Supervillain in each to oversee and rule. You must stop them! Form a team of your favourite Superheroes (Or Villains) and banish this evil from these lands before they control everything.

The Map:

There will be the main places of interest, some linked together, for instance; Central City of DC & New York of Marvel have been joined together, meaning many Superheroes will be in this location! There are also places that are unreachable without reaching certain parts of the storyline or with certain equipment. Superheroes that can fly will innately inherit the Fly ability as a move to use in and out of battle to travel more conveniently.

Superhero Types;
They will remain pretty similar, in order to balance this I will try to keep the same number of Heroes for each typing, for example, 2 waters (Aquaman, Namor), 2 fires (Human Torch, Firestar), 2 Psychic (Professor X, Jean Gray) and so forth.

This is as far as I got with creating the SuperDex;

TM’s/HM’s: (Superpowers)
TM’s will remain similar, only certain Heroes can learn particular Superpowers however, I hope to be rid of having an ability mule for HM’s, for instance; your Bidoof with Cut, Rock Smash, Strength etc… Instead there will be NO HM’s! Certain Superpowers will be required to advance, such as Strength, Fly and Swim, but they will be innately learnt by certain Superheroes who it relates to (Superman – Fly & Strength) and they will be boosted to actually be useful attack moves as well as just abilities for advancing in the game. I hope this will fix the issue and make the game slightly more interesting.

All attacks will be changed to relate to the Superhero, of course certain Superheroes can learn the same attack such as Fly, if the Superhero can fly, however some will be specific to the Superhero, for example Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso, is only possible to innately be learnt by her.

Walking around in bushes finding Superheroes & Villains, though entertaining and rather amusing, doesn’t actually make too much sense. Instead there will be a purely random encounter chance (%) when walking around anywhere, Cities and side locations alike. There is still rarity in Superheroes; I have based this on their strength and popularity as well as their characteristics. For example; Batman will be difficult to find, with Nightwing being more common in comparison. But none will be necessarily easy to find, but this does not mean encounters will be a rarity, simply that particular ones will be a challenge to find.

Capture System: (DNA Cloning)
Rather than capturing Superheroes, you instead get a percentage chance (%) of them dropping a sample of their DNA, which you can take to any Laboratory (One in each Medical Centre) to create your own clone of the hero!

Evolution will be performed similar to the original game, using a levelling system, as an example with the Hulk superhero. It will occur as; Baby Hulk > Green Hulk > Maestro Hulk > Planet Hulk (MEGA)
Not a definite evolution chain!

Shiny: (Costumed)
After some thought I realised with many Superheroes this is actually quite simple, as they have variations of themselves already in varied colours, for example; Green Hulk/Red Hulk/Grey Hulk or Iron Man’s Mark 1/2/3 Armours however, I will not be including Costumed variations for all the Heroes/Villains as it wouldn’t fit with some. Instead I will increase the percentage chance (%) of the Costumed variations appearing to compensate.

There will be no breeding in this game as I feel it inappropriate and this is already a complicated enough hack to create, so give me a break.

Since Gender isn’t really going to be a thing (You know that Black Widow is female, you know that Iron Man is male) I will be changing the Male/Female gender system to Good/Evil as a mainly aesthetic point, but also as an informative feature to let people who may not know about Heroes/Villains know whether they are Good or Evil.

Pokemon for the game engine and idea basis.
Marvel for character basis.
DC for character basis.
Various other Comic Organisations who no longer hold copyright to ‘Superhero’; Image Comics, Malibu Comics, AC Comics, Rebellion Developments, Wildstorm,
Eviscus for specific pieces of art.
KevinRaganit for specific pieces of art.
Artwaste for specific pieces of art.

So yeah, essentially I found myself being in way over my head, I practiced using both software for hacking Fire Red roms as well as learning RMXP but didn't find myself really advancing in either as I feel this is a rather complex thing to achieve. I mainly just specialize in Photoshop, and bit off more than I could chew, but I thought I'd at least share the idea so as it wasn't a complete waste of time and perhaps maybe inspire someone else to do a similar or as unusual Pokemon hack/remake.

Anyways, adios.
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Old May 14th, 2014, 12:02 PM
Join Date: Apr 2014

My game is going to be called Pokémon: Infinite Version.

Setting: The game is going to take place in Kanto, Johto, and maybe Sevii Islands or Hoenn. It takes place 40 years before R/B/Y, so a lot of cities or towns are going to have massive changes. There are going to be new areas in all regions, like an icy zone in Kanto.

Pokémon Available: All the 719 Pokémon will be available. Modern Pokémon like Mewtwo or Genesect still will be available. I'm not going to spoil the methods of obtaining them.

Young Characters: You are going to meet a lot of the Pokémon Characters, like Blaine, Drake, Samuel Oak or Agatha, and some characters will be related to other characters in the Pokémon Games.

New Features! : I am still thinking about what brand-new features should I include.
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Old May 16th, 2014, 03:40 AM
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Silence Wall
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Felt this would be a good time to share my fan game idea.

Over the past few weeks, I've been plotting a new game idea, and trying out Pokemon Essentials and RPG Maker. The game takes place in a new region with a combination of old and new pokemon. Most of the new pokemon will be based on various mythological creatures such as the minotaur, an Acheri (ghost that brings diseases to people), Empusa (female demon that seduces men), griffin, Horus, etc. However some types of pokemon aren't represented very well in mythology such as bug and steel types, so I'm taking ideas from a few enemies of the Legend Of Zelda series.

The game will have eight gyms and a league, but also a focus on shadow pokemon, since a lot of fan games haven't used this feature. I want to do a lot of content in between the gyms, make the overworld varied, and even include a sky location that connects the major sections of the overworld.

What does everyone think? If this becomes successful enough I would love to add more but this is what I've come up with so far.
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Old May 16th, 2014, 08:17 AM
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Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?
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I'm thinking about making a PMD game that plays similarly to Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers hack made by destinedjagold. Instead of using precreated maps as dungeons, i will use the random dungeon generator in Pokemon Essentials instead. Also make more dungeons so you won't go through the same dungeon over and over again.

I don't know if i should allow capturing wild pokemon or not because many storyline events will forbid using them, and in sequels(if i won't make them into the same game that is) all pokemon you had in the previous game/s will be lost.

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Old May 23rd, 2014, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by nicco139 View Post
Hi there,

I have recently come up with an idea for a new pokemon region. It will include all of it's own pokemon (a whole bunch of new ones!) and a new storyline. Here we go!


Evil teams : Team X

New Starters:

Kattorch, Tigrame, and Searlion = Fire/ ghost

Quifly, Jaylake , and Gustraquia = water/flying

Viplant, Cobleaf, and Anacontree = Grass/Poison

New types=



Negative zone ( like distortion world, but eviler)
Name = Pokemon Plus/ Minus
More mega evolution.
New safari Games.
Aerial Routes.
Arena battling (maybe) - All battles happen in a virtual arena/location , allowing TV-style dodges, counters, and Contest Moves. This idea would require a lot of reprogramming on the battle sequences, but it might work.
Ride more pokemon!
After the leauge- travel back to Kanto!

Some new pokemon ideas=

Shupplume - Skeareton = Ghost/fire
Totectric- Rock/psy/elec
Helichoptree- Fly/fight/grass
Gyraid- Gravity
Aileate- Abnormal
Draceon- Dragon eevelution
Serpectric- Water/electric
Cannontar- Laser/ Fire
MissingNo.- Glitch ( no, duh)

I would like if I could get support and feedback on this before I start on making it.

EDIT: I have attached a beta sprite for Quifly to this post- but i dont have much talent in it, as it is my first pokemo
This tutorial helped me a lot with spriting. Search for spriting tutorial because I can't post links yet. Right now I'm actually making one with pokemon essentials with Fairy and Cosmic(combining laser and gravity) You have some good ideas but I agree with the other guy with 3 types not working. I combined the three legendary dogs to make it fire/water with volt absorb to make it kind of like having 3 types. I thought about sound before too but the sound attacks work well as sp normal attacks.

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Old May 26th, 2014, 11:16 PM
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Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?
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Originally Posted by Xaitan View Post

So yeah, essentially I found myself being in way over my head, I practiced using both software for hacking Fire Red roms as well as learning RMXP but didn't find myself really advancing in either as I feel this is a rather complex thing to achieve. I mainly just specialize in Photoshop, and bit off more than I could chew, but I thought I'd at least share the idea so as it wasn't a complete waste of time and perhaps maybe inspire someone else to do a similar or as unusual Pokemon hack/remake.

Anyways, adios.
I don't think it would be that complex to make, just maybe tiring since you you have to change almost everything, like Pokemon(Superheroes in this case), moves, abilities, TMs etc...

It's a pretty neat idea, sadly you are dropping it.
Can't be bothered to find a new sig pic

My personal webpage under construction.
Paired with Polar Spectrum
Essentials forme change with moves script

I support Digimon Your Digital Dream

I support Pokemon The Movie Game

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Old May 29th, 2014, 04:50 AM
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Welcome to the WIP thread for the game I am working on in my nonexistant free time. It will be made in RPG Maker XP - and as the title suggests, is a Remake/Sequel to Pokemon Colosseum. With the original's focus on Story, and Shadow Pokemon also present.

I plan to have it feature Orre, in all its glory, but set twenty years from the last Colosseum game.

Orre is flourishing. Advances in technology and in Pokemon, have lead to the once desolate region becoming habitable in some places.
Phenac, Pyrite, The Under are the same as ever, but new towns and villages, Grantian Town, Amthyston City, Reaglam Town, Aurem Town and the spawling Capital, Heliotropolis.
In MT Battle, the Pokemon League has a presence. Gyms are coming into existence.

Everything seems well.

But it is not.

Shadows are moving in a Laboratory, untouched for decades.
Citedark Island has one again become engulfed in darkness...

The Shadows are moving again. With new secrets, new Twists.

The Discovery of Mega-Evolution should have heralded a new age of Pokemon. Instead, its power may lead to its destruction.


4th Gen Tiles!
Featuring... All 700+ Pokemon!
The Return of both Mt Battle - and an official League!
Shadow Pokemon!
Fairy Pokemon!
New Shadow Moves!
Remakes of favourite sities!
A new story!
New Mega Evolutions!

Phenac City To be added Shortly.
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Old May 29th, 2014, 04:07 PM
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I'll start off with a brief introduction. My name's Dave and I've begun undertaking a project of creating a Pokemon MMO (for now titled Pokemon World Online...PWO). I want to set one thing straight before I go on. This project is intended to be true to the concept of MMO. This will not simply be a game with multiplayer aspects. It revolves around what makes a MMO just that...multiplayer. I have played with a few ideas such as start by releasing only the Kanto region, and then releasing subsequent regions (Johto, Hoenn, etc) in expansions. Another idea was to release all (current) regions simultaneously and allows players to choose their starting point. Since the latter holds more true to what a real MMO is like, that's what I've decided to go with.

Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kalos and Unova will all be released at the same time. Given the vastness of such an undertaking I don't expect this full release to happen for quite some time. Even Beta (of only a few areas in each region) will be MONTHS away. Many people (including those at Nintendo) have felt that Pokemon isn't (currently) suited for what the MMO realm demands from a game. However, given my education in Game Design and experience from both sides of the table when it comes to video games, I see how it IS possible. Once again, however, since I'm the only one that has publically seen how a TRUE Pokemon MMO can be done I'll be holding the details very close to my chest. What I will say about the project is this...

The game will be a fully 3D world (not 2.5D as seen in the newer DS games). It will have day and night cycles. Pokemon breeding will be a KEY element of the game. Legendary Pokemon will be featured. Even concepts from Pokemon Ranger and Colliseum will be evident in the game. Because it is a TRUE MMO, however, most (if not all) of the trainer battles will be PvP. It will feature all Pokemon to date. The game will be completely non-profit and all credit will be given where it is due. Servers will be online 24/7 and be regulated (not player created as can be seen with the game). The game will remain as canon as possible (with the exception of some things that HAVE to be edited for MMO purposes). With that being said battles WILL REMAIN TURN-BASED. The mechanics which make the Pokemon games work depend on turn-based game-play. However, these will be full 3D battles such as can be seen in Pokemon Battle Royale with fully working attack animations and Pokemon actually reacting to the attacks performed against them.
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Old May 30th, 2014, 05:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Roaming Murkrow View Post
I don't think it would be that complex to make, just maybe tiring since you you have to change almost everything, like Pokemon(Superheroes in this case), moves, abilities, TMs etc...

It's a pretty neat idea, sadly you are dropping it.
Perhaps not complex, but it was too challenging for me, I couldn't even figure out how to replace the Pokemon sprites with the Superhero ones I had. Let alone editing the moves, abilities, items etc...

But yeah, I wish I had more time available to really attempt the project.
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Old June 3rd, 2014, 09:28 PM
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Hatched Egg
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Hello everyone, my name is jacktheking. I have been a web developer for a few years. Yet, I only manage to create a three simple project (Image Generator, Wishing Well and MyBB Plugin) .

Making my very own RPG game is always a dream. Well, I'm not going to wait anymore! Last week, I started researching and developing my game, Milkmon. I'll be buying a top-level domain soon. Also, this game will be hosted on a free hosting company.

Programming Languages
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

Game Description
Milkmon is a unique browser based MMORPG game. In the game you are no longer a trainer. You, are a creature! Explode the milky region, battle with others, collect DNA and transform yourself into a much powerful Milkymon!

I'm going to come out with more ideas soon.

- New Monster (Milkmon)
- DNA collecting
- Gyms Battle
- NPCs Battle
- Transform
- Currency
- Clans
- Forums & Chatroom [Third Party]

Progress Report:

- Login and Register Script [READY]
- Battles Script [READY]
- Currency Script [Work in progress]
- DNA Script
- Clans
- Transform

MyBB - Forums & Chatroom
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Old June 4th, 2014, 10:09 AM
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This is a project that me and my friend have started. It is made with a web-based program meant for making 2d flash games. When finished it will be a remake of Pokemon fire red. So far we only have picking a Pokemon, the rival battle and the intro done. It is our first attempt at a game so it won't be the best and the sprites are from Google not made so expect inconsistencies. But once we finish, it should be decent. We don't know if we will continue it or not but we are leaning towards continuing it. It would be great if we could get some feedback on it.
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Old June 7th, 2014, 03:02 AM
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Me and a friend of mine started like 1 or 2 years ago a game named Pokemon Solaris(RPG Maker XP game) and we want to restart the project and make a new game. The game will take place in new all continental region(until now), will contain gen 6 pokemon/attacks/abilities and the fairy type. Story wise, we are still thinking about that. We already made the teams for Gym leaders, Elites, Champion and other important characters. We are thinking making the game more mature a little bit, the protagonist being 18 years old and having a back story, so there will be complex characters in the game. It is still an idea, but the big thing is that we can't program events in RPG Maker XP.
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Old June 7th, 2014, 06:03 AM
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Pokémon Spiral
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Hey Pokécommunity,

I have a brand new online Pokémon RPG just started , I have been studying other online RPG's and they all lack excitement and mysteries etc. so I've decided to start this as a project, so in a sentence, Pokémon Spiral is an online RPG to play, battle and catch the different types of Pokémon to become the master.

How will Pokémon Spiral be different?
Events, lot's of maps, secret locations, mysteries, medals, and loads more still in planning. Oh and, unlike DelugeRPG and that, there will be no advertisements!

When will it be released?
Whenever it is ready to be published!

Thanks for reading,

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Old June 24th, 2014, 11:41 PM
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Hi everyone, I'll make this quick and simple.
The universe of pokemon, the idea, the concept. we have the perfect ingredients to make everyone dream and have fun, even to be proud of what we can accomplish with this (kind) of rpg game. but will we stop screwing the recipe? I am an old pokemon fan, not anymore thought, I stopped at pokemon heart gold that was really good because it was a recycled version of an excellent game. BUT there is a difference between recycling good stuff, and make people think they get something new with a game with new weird pokemon that are in many ways the same as the old ones but in a more wtf ugly version. I have been waiting so many years for the pokemon company to simply evolve damn. now I'm pissed, if you want every fan back and have all the new kids in it too then take my ideas, for free ok? would it be simple, to make a game with good raw graphics and badass actions( like heart gold ) not girlish, cutish manga no sense(ish) graphs like pokemon black or X and whatever after. AND to return to the pokemons who launch you so high, yeah I'm talking about the first 3 gens, no more ok, If you sell today its because there is so many people on earth, not cause its good. THEN, ok follow close to this one ((( a gba like game where you are a trainer roaming the world to catch and fight pokemons, IN 3D!! OPEN WORLD, between the first 3 régions, AND that you are fully controlling your pokemon in third person view in combat yeah that's right, AND with a free roam mode for fun where you can go the F*** you want on the map with your pokemon, no trainer this time, AND to have multiplayer side quests like go beat em all team rockets you know. put in there stadiums, tournements a good story line that let you meet the characters like ash and company while YOU are a fully customisable character like you can edit your face voice and cloths, everything. I have so many more ideas, juste pour anything good you know into it and make it happen.
PS, I'm still playing heart gold and I haven't lost hope of seeing your past glory reborn
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Old July 12th, 2014, 12:31 PM
The 17 year old programer. Now byte off
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This is an idea i had that i might make that combinds a lot of game into one.
it a pokemon board game style video game. where you have to reach the end of maze before some one else use diffrent abiltys. like the main pokemon game pokemon have four moves
one Assist,Field,Damage and Support
For example
Assist: if you are standing next to a frozen ally. rolling a 10 or higher will set them free
Field:This Pokemon can walk over lava if this turn it rolls a 12 or higher
Damage:A foe next too you is burned (there dice roll halved except 1) for (dice roll) turns
Support:Every 5 turns this pokemon moves one space
There will not be abiltys to not over complcate the game.
the video game will roll a 16 sided dice.
so thats my game idea. for after pokemon xy pc
Also every five turns counts as a level for the pokemon allowing them to evolve

My Game Engine:
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Old July 28th, 2014, 08:51 AM
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Hello to all! As the name implies, this is essentially a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon clone paired with Mega Man Battle Network. Consider it my retelling of the Pokémon anime, as it focuses on Ash and Pikachu (in a matter of speaking). It's something that I wanted to do for a while, and now that I can, why not?

Game Engine:
RPG Maker 2003

Ash Ketchum wants to be the very best, like no one ever was, but how can he in the body of a Pikachu???!!!

-Fight trainers hand-to-hand in a virtual arena!
-Travel the ENTIRE World of Pokémon, from Kanto, to Kalos, to the Orange Archipelago, to......THE TCG ISLANDS?????!!!
-Face a more competent(?!) Team Rocket.

The Spriter's Resource
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Old July 30th, 2014, 08:11 PM
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Time to throw my hat into the ring here...

I've been thinking of ideas for a Pokemon fangame for quite some time, and until recently, I haven't had the resources to put these ideas into motion.

Game Description:
Pokemon Revolution X (working title) is a first-person dungeon crawler, taking place in the new Aeronia region.

- First-person perspective in caves, buildings, and battles
- Massive regional pokedex
- etc. (Subject to change)

Highlights of the Aeronia Region:

Gym Leaders:

Type Specialty: Grass
Badge: Forest Badge
Team: Nuzleaf x 2, Servine
TM: Energy Ball

Type Specialty: Fairy
Badge: Mist Badge
Team: Whimsicott, Sylveon, Wigglytuff
TM: Dazzling Gleam

Type Specialty: Ghost
Badge: Exorcism Badge
Team: Drifblim, Gengar, Trevenant
TM: Shadow Ball

Type Specialty: Water
Badge: Surf Badge
Team: Starmie, Gastrodon, Vaporeon, Floatzel
TM: Scald

Type Specialty: Psychic
Badge: Spirit Badge
Team: Gardevoir, Metang, Reuniclus, Medicham
TM: Psyshock

Type Specialty: Electric
Badge: Star Badge
Team: Luxray, Wash Rotom, Electivire, Magnezone
TM: Wild Charge

Type Specialty: Ice
Badge: Crystal Badge
Team: Abomasnow, Walrein, Avalugg, Lapras
TM: Ice Beam

Type Specialty: Flying
Badge: Tornado Badge
Team: Skarmory, Honchkrow, Talonflame, Staraptor, Salamence
TM: Aerial Ace

The Aeronia region is home to many competitive battling tournaments, bringing out the best in every trainer who enters

Singles Circuit:
Rules: Single Battle
Unlocked by default
Pokemon entered: 3

Doubles Circuit:
Rules: Double Battle
Unlocked by default
Pokemon entered: 4

Triples Circuit:
Rules: Triple Battle
Unlocked by default
Full team

Inverse Circuit:
Rules: Inverse Battle
Unlocked by default
Pokemon entered: 3

Gym Leaders Circuit:
Rules: Single Battle
Available post-game
Pokemon entered: 3

The most prestigious tournament of them all is the Aeronia Conference. It's available only to those with eight badges, and the winner earns the privilege of challenging the Elite Four and Champion.

Skyport Mountain Range
An enormous set of mountains, almost splitting the region in half. Under certain conditions, Magneton, Nosepass, and Eevee may evolve here.

Nature Preserve
A forest home to many rare Grass- and Bug-type pokemon. Eevee may evolve here under certain conditions.

Victory Road & Pokemon League
Those who win at the Aeronia Conference face the challenge of climbing Victory Road and challenging the Pokemon League. Trainers beware, as they take no prisoners...

Spirit Tower
A burial ground for people and Pokemon. The Gym Leader Raphael can be found here on some occasions.

Unfortunately, many of these ideas for the game haven't left the concept phase, so, for now, an ideal release date would be "WHEN IT'S DONE"

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Old August 6th, 2014, 08:22 AM
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This idea has been expanded and worked on by my friend and I for some time now. I might as well get it out there:

Pokemon Gilded Legends

The entire story, beginning to end is inside spoilers and everything.
You're a new trainer living in the region of Mungam. You've heard stories your whole life about the legendary pokemon that are assumed to live there, and hope to find some of them on your beginning journey. You meet Professor Blueberry as she presents you with three pokemon to choose from: Seedlet the Grass type, Laque the Fire type, and Woolyam the Water type.
You choose your first pokemon and eagerly take off down the first route. The path is covered in trees and grass, allowing you to get a proper taste of being a trainer. After some first battles, you reach a clearing which holds Paradise Springs. As you enter you for a moment spot a green fairy-like Pokemon retreat into the trees. As you walk forward to investigate, you find another young trainer. She/He lived in your home town, but was a few years older than you and got to start on their journey a few weeks before. They challenge you to a battle, and they happen to have the pokemon with the advantage to yours. You defeat them and they run off ahead. You decide that you should go the same way and eventually find yourself in Larida Town. Here you find your new rival again, talking about some sort of trouble down the road. You quickly stop to heal and carry on to see what's happening.
A few goons dressed in strange clothing are investigating the path to the next town. You overhear them talking about finding some sort of item. They quickly run off and you head to the next town. As you pass through the gate and enter Medusa City you notice that the town has been roughed up a little bit, as some of the citizens are startled. The three gym leaders Hugo, Angelina and Ali invite you too their gym and you defeat each one of them. After your battle Angelina's mother enters the battlefield and explains what the goons from before were after. She gives you the Moon Bell, and says that it'll come in handy down the road.
Your new rival meets you at the end gate and says that they'll watch over you, and run slightly ahead of you. After that they head off and so do you. You're thrown off a bit by the rough sandstorm on the rout ahead, but you eventually get through it and reach Naja city. There you meet a crowd of people watching a performance given by a few dancers. You later learn that the leader of said dancers is the ground type gym leader Ephemerelda. Like in Medusa city you battle her in the gym and claim a second badge.
You once again press on but this time are stopped by some commotion along the road. Your rival explains that there's an ancient pyramid and a group of people are causing a commotion inside. The two of you head over there and learn that the group is called Team Omega. One of the admins attacks you for intruding and you and your rival bring them down. As the team flees you hear of an ancient pokemon that is rumored to have created only the Unowns. Before anymore information is leaked though, Team Omega disappears.
You reach the next town after a small trek and battle the two Flying leaders Gust and Gale, afterwards heading to the next town, Accipi. You hear faint rumors of Lupe city, and decide to carry on.
You next reach Manta town, ready to face a battle against the Electric leader Jubilee who you learn is actually a robot. After you defeat her your rival along with Angelina's mother meet you by the gate leading to the next town. They both explain that something strange is happening in the next town, Lupe city. Angelina's mother explains that they chased off some more Omega goons, who were talking about some sort of evil pokemon controlling the city. Jubilee's creator joins in the conversation, adding in that Lupe city is known for holding the two legendary dragon types Latias and Latios. She later explains that one of them perished in a battle agains some sort of shadowy monster.
You quickly reach Lupe city to find that the entire city seems to be depressed and tired. The gym leader seems to be the only one unaffected. As you meet the Dark leader Martin he explains that after a strange night the whole city became this. He also explains that every night he feels strange, and remembers nothing he does. You explore the town, looking for something to explain these occurrences. You reach a shrine dedicated to the fallen Eon sibling. As you look at the soul dew you hear some commotion over by Mt. Lupe. As you enter one of the caverns you find Martin there with an evil glow around him. He shoots a beam of energy at you, only for you to be saved by the remaining Eon sibling. The Eon pokemon urges you to use the Moonlight bell. You ring the soothing bell and a mysterious Pokemon emerges from Martin. The Eon sibling chases the pokemon off and eventually out of the city. Martin, exhausted, thanks you and instructs you to come to his gym later.
You agree and head off to face the gym off in Puffin town first. Like routine, you face Judy the Ice leader. As you prepare to backtrack to Lupe city a cloaked figure approaches you. She warns you that if you interfere with team Omega, something terrible would happen. Afterwards she quickly disappears. You return to Lupe city to see that it's recovering and have a nice battle with Martin.
You pass through a route covered in ancient ruins. There you meet the gym leader of the next town, Aurum, who is researching the ancient artifacts. He explains that he want to know everything about the ancients, as not knowing anything cost him the life of his sisters. As he shows you his most recent discoveries team Omega meets you and demands that he explains everything about the Gilded Legendary Pokemon. The same cloaked figure also enters the room, revealing herself to be leader of Team Omega, Nerium.
She says everything in her plan, explaining the two gilded legendaries are the keys she needs to awaken the ultimate legendary pokemon, Infinidra. She later explains that her plan is for the good of her people, those who died in an ancient volcanic eruption. She only managed to escape because of the power of the time traveling pokemon Celebi. With Infinidra in her command she could use his power to stop the eruption from ever happening. Knowing that it wouldn't save her, but the lives of those living in that time stream. The team runs deeper into the ruins and you and Aurum are left behind.
He explains that he knowns someone else who was transported from that explosion. He said that Moa from the elite four was brought to the future with her grandmother. He goes on to explain that the champion is caring for her, as she is traumatized by the event. Your rival quickly arrives to the scene and you and them go to find Nerium while Aurum goes to get someone. In the deepest chamber of the ruins Nerium is waiting, the two Gilded pokemon Jewla and Combeb beside her. She uses their power to open a rift in space, revealing a humungous shadowy creature.
You and your rival both try to stop Nerium from entering the void, but the Gilded pokemon stop you. You each take a pokemon and defeat them. You alone then chase after Nerium, as her team is too stunned to stop you. As you walk down a trail of strange Unown variants you face Nerium. Instead of battling you herself she unleashed the full power of Infinidra on you. Your entire team faces the powerful pokemon, just barely making it out in one piece.
Infinidra, hardly weakened, escapes the void and brings the rest of you outside. Nerium is then shocked to see that Infinidra is laying half-dead outside the void. Realizing Infinidra is useless outside the void, she commands her team to retreat. You and your rival watch as Infinidra explains his story, later saying that Nerium isn't finished, and still risks changing history. Before his last breath he explains that if she changes time it could rip apart. He lastly apologizes to his brother, the Alpha pokemon Arceus before perishing, converting into a small gemstone.
Aurum then comes into the chamber and collects the remains of Infinidra, Moa and the champion. Moa explains further that surviving that awful eruption drove her insane and assumes that the same happened to Nerium. The champion Arty instructs you to chase after Nerium alongside him, leading you all the way back to the burned village. There you meet Nerium once again, this time she has Celebi in her control. Celebi, under lots of stress brings you, Nerium, and Arty to the past. The day of the eruption.
You and Arty watch in horror as the sky fills with ash. Nerium uses her Pokemon to reach the crater of the volcano, only to face the other evil pokemon Moltablade. She attempts to battle the beast, but her pokemon are no match. You then reach the crater to meet Moltablade. Arty explains that even if he is stopped the power will still destroy the village. Heartbroken, Nerium demands Celebi to bring her farther in the past. Knowing what the right action is, Celebi summons Jewla and Combeb of the past to seal away Moltablade, saving future times.
Pleased with its work, Celebi returns everyone to the present day and disappears. Nerium, completely depressed wants to go back again and change history completely. Before she attacks you with her remaining strength Professor Blueberry and the Gym leaders you've faced meet you. Pr. Blue gently convinces Nerium to come with her, for her own good. The gym leaders all thank you for your bravery and follow after the professor. As you're about to leave your rival meets you at the exit, also praising your work and offers a ride to Pogona City.
With all the chaos conquered you face Aurum finally, later to head to Kingii town and face the last gym leader Paisely and her dragon type Pokemon. You and your rival then race through victory road only to reach the bridge leading to the elite four and champion. Durring the silent and long walk you reflect on all you've been through, finishing just as you reach the doorway. You best the Elite Four and eventually the champion.
As the new champion of Mungam Arty instructs you to go chase the legends of Mungam. With your head held high, you head out, ready to face anything out there…

The entire Pokedex is completed, with sprites and everything. (Shiny and Non Shiny) I'm still under the 15 post limit so Link to that is in my sig.
Gym leaders, professor, elite 4 and champion and Team Omega Leader all have designs, but all other characters do not.

Also, the ending is still under work, we plan to have a split ending where the people either flee and survive or don't. We also plan for there to be a relatively large post game as well, containing almost every single legendary there is.
My Fakemon Pokedex:édex

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I have the game idea for the reboot of Pokémon called "Pocket Monsters: Dusk and Dawn"


A familiar story - as you've never heard it before. In this game, you have the chance to play in the very beginning era of Pokémon, with lots of unpredictable twists, as it's not just a restart, but a whole reboot of our favourite franchise. Unseen events and the chance to (re)discover the world as you've never seen before. If you're interested in seeing new species, or experience the origin story of the old creatures, then join to this adventure, but remember one thing: you cannot be sure about which will remain the same.


Pocket Monsters. These creatures are lived in harmony for a long time with each other and the humans. There were no war, and the union of both allowed to create an economy which made everything available. There were no poverty, no pollution, nor problems like war. But everything changes, and nothing remains the same.

There are always people who are unsatisfied with their current position and possessions. They always want more than more: not only items, money, but things like power. These kind of people will never be happy, but they want to achieve their goals even if they must burn the world to reach that. An organization, called as Team Rocket, wants power more than anything else: their illegal activities involved in getting everything they want, everything what other people possessed: tools, money, and later even Pokémon. They started to use their own creatures and the stolen ones as weapons, and they won't regret in getting the world into a Worldwide War in order to restructure the system as they imagine that.

From a small group, they quickly spread all over the world, but their most successful regions were Kanto and Johto. Their lies immediately seduced younglings and elders, who gladly joined to Giovanni, the mastermind behind the project, the person who wanted nothing but world domination. His biggest dream was conquering not only our world, but the Moon too, as it is recognizable from the name of its team. He even had experiments landing on their, but their only success was getting some special items from there. Those were really similar to the Evolution Stones we already know, and because of their origin, they were named as Moon Stones.

In order to get what he wants, Giovanni started experiments in creating the Perfect Weapon, a Pokémon which cannot be defeated by anyone else. He thought that these stones will be the key in his experiment, so he tried to evolve any kind of Pokémon he could with them. Even thought some of them were success, like the newly discovered Nidoking and Nidoqueen (who immediately getting involved in his personal team), they were far away from the perfect weapon. It was until he discovered one highly underrated type: the Clefairies...

After finding them, lots of attempts were done in order to examine the effects of the stones on these Pokémon, and they realized that their potential highly improved after getting these stones. A dozen of Clefables - as they called these newly discovered creatures -, were caged and used as a guinea pig in the pity game of these men. They had to fight each other, and even were tortured, in order to break their own limits and levels to become nothing but weapons in the organization's plan. They did it until something horrible happened: one of the Clefables had died.

However, something unexpected happened. Even thought its body died, its soul still remained, and manifested in a new, ghoul body. It was nothing bad a former shadow of itself, living between two worlds. Gengar was born, the first Ghost Pokémon in the world. Even thought the boss was happy to get what he wanted, Gengar thought it differently: it went on a rage and destroyed the whole scientist lab, destroying everything which was a complex before, and leaving nothing but the mountain itself where the hideout was (which was later called as Mt. Moon).

Meanwhile, to counter the expand of Team Rocket, several Professors and professional Pokémon Trainers were unite to stop the crime organization whatever it costs.

Everyone who became 16 years old can give their application to the Official Pokémon League and getting one of their starter Pokémon, and starting their own journey. You're one of those young adults who are starting their own journey. Who will you become? A Breeder? A Researcher? A Trainer? Or do you want to become a Pokémon Master? In these chaotic times, everyone with a pure heart must help each other: even if they routes are different, they will meet soon, as no one can ignore the fight.


- Experience a story never seen before, the re-tell of the classic story in a totally new tone and atmosphere
- Huge variety in character creation, development, and your choices have a deep impact in the storyline.
- You are start in Kanto, however, end-game content will allow you to visit the Islands featured in FireRed/LeafGreen, and other places, like Holon from the Trading Card Game.
- Catching a Pokémon has a new way: befriending them. You can find several Pokémon during the storyline, which can be recruited, and even Wild (random) Pokémon can be recruited in this method. You don't have to force them to join you anymore. It can be a mutual agreement.
- Shiny is replaced with two new mechanisms: Alt Color and Delta Species. Alt Color is an alternate colored version of the Pokémon, but everything else is the same. Alt Color Pokémon are a bit more common than shinies, and they have more variations. For example, you can find Zubats in "vanilla" (blue), grey, black, and other colors. Delta Species, however, is caused by a rare mutation, and it also changed the type of the Pokémon. A yellow Charmander is an Alt Color, but a yellow Charmander which has sparks in its tail is a Delta Species.
- A Pokémon has more than one evolution.
- Shadow Pokémon has a huge impact of the storyline, especially Gengar.


- Alternate color: Years ago, Pokémon researchers thought that there is only one main color of a specific Pokémon. Later, they discovered that there are another versions and alterations of a specific Pokémon, and they can be found in different colours. Even thought they are rare, they do not affect the Pokémon in any other way.
- Delta Species, also known as DS, are a special kind of alternate color Pokémon, because their mutation also affected their attributes, even their typing!
- Child, Adolescent, Adult: Referring to Stage Evolution if the Pokémon is not evolved, evolved or fully evolved. Child Pokémon are the young forms of Pokémon without being evolved. They are barely hatched from the egg, or ready to evolve, but still in their basic forms. Adolescents are evolved, but not fully evolved forms, while adults are the fully evolved forms.
- Unique Pokémon: There is only 1 of this Pokémon - or really few.
- Shadow form: Corrupted Pokémon. This is not evolution, however.
- Dark Evolution: when the corruption and the evolution of the Pokémon mixtures, the Pokémon will evolve differently instead of its casual evolution. It can evolve into a totally different Pokémon, or the usual evolution's shadow form.
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