FireRed Digimon Nova Red [COMPLETED] [UPDATED 10.17.2021]

Started by Guzeinbuick July 23rd, 2021 2:59 AM
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Those of you who liked the game and want to see more, what would you like to see next?

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Welcome to the Digital World!

Say goodbye to every mon you know! Introducing...

Are you tired of the same old batch of starters?

The same Legendaries and Pseudos fought and caught again and again and again?

The same archetypes you know like the back of your Pokewatch?

Say hello to a whole slew of new monsters to fight and catch! No Pokemon here, I'm talking about DIGIMON - DIGITAL MONSTERS!

250 new monsters with unique stats, abilities, Typing, and movepools built from the ground-up!

Every single Digimon is viable! Don't be afraid to build a team out of your favourite Digimon!

Five stages for prominent Digimon!

Unique attacks from the Digimon canon with unique animations (courtesy of ortz3's excellent Animation Editor)!

"Digidex" (Pokedex) descriptions list requirements for evolution, so you never need to feel out of the loop!

EV/IV Checker, Gen IV Abilities and Moves, Fairy Type, Physical-Special Split, Poison Survival, BW Repel System, Reusable TMs, forgettable HM moves, etc.

Minor dialogue tweaks

Ice Buff
(Ice now resists Grass and Ground)


Most sprites were ripped and modified from official sources (Digimon World DS and Digimon Adventure 02: D-1 Tamer) by me. It took two months and well over 100 hours of constant work to adapt 250 Digimon sprites into a 64x64 pixel box with only 16 colours!

The following sprites were ripped and modified from original pixel art from Wooded-Wolf (

-Turuiemon sprite ripped and modified from original pixel art by Agirl3003 (
-Kazemon sprite ripped and modified by original pixel art by mysticdragon234 (
-MetalGreymon sprite ripped and modified from original pixel art by kimardt (
-Darcmon sprite ripped and modified from original pixel art by MOC-7 (
-MarinChimairamon and Garudamon sprites ripped from original pixel art by DragonRod (
-Hexeblaumon sprite and Lucemon X sprite ripped and modified from original pixel art by AnimaThesq (
-Venusmon sprite ripped and modified from original pixel art by KajiAtsui (
-Lilithmon sprite ripped and modified from original pixel art by Hamurand22 (
-Angewoman (Title Screen sprite) ripped from original pixel art by X0-000 (
-Makuramon sprite ripped from Google. Artist unknown. If you are the artist please reach out to me so I can give credit.

Big thanks to Dreamaker for the "Old School" rom base!

Kudos to ortz3 for the very user-friendly animation editor! (

Full DigiDex:

Full DigiDedex is included in the download file as an Excel spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can check out the DigiDex showcase video here (in glorious 144p. Thanks YouTube -______-;;;)
I consider it a pretty big spoiler though (isn't the fun of the game exploring for yourself to see what Digimon are in it?) so click at your own risk. Maybe only check it out after your first playthrough? Just my suggestion.

Known Glitches:

Thankfully, most glitches are purely graphical. I hardly found any glitches the harm functionality whatsoever. (so far…)

-Evolutionary Stones (“Digi-Eggs”) can be purchased in the Mart. Though the text looks a bit garbled, don’t be scared to buy some because everything functions perfectly well.

-In the TM bag, the -TYPE- icon is replaced with the FAIRY icon. I know what causes this but I don’t really have the energy to fix it. After working for nearly three months straight on this hack, I’m a bit burned out lol

-In the Cinnabar Mart you can buy a useless ??????? item for 0$. I don’t know why it’s there, I can’t get rid of it, and it does nothing. Please interpret it as some MissingNo. residue or something.

-Professor Oak's Aides will only count Digimon from #1-150 in the DigiDex when it comes to giving you rewards.

-AncientKazemon should be number 201 in the DigiDex, but she's number 251 instead (long story, don't ask).

The ONLY official download of this hack! If you simply Google "Digimon Nova Red" you'll see outdated versions on third-party websites! Here is the only place to get the most up to date release!


Version 2.3 - Most up-to-date version
Version 2.2.1 - A trainer battle with a particular Super Nerd in the Rock Tunnel could occasionally crash the game, Silphymon could be caught in Fuschia City's pools, Lillymon would try to learn Sunny Day about three times, unique Digimon Attacks (Nova Blast, etc.) did not have custom animations
Version 2.2 - Lilithmon and Ladydevimon had the same BST, Lunamon and Dianamon had the same BST, Nohemon's catch rate was too low
Version 2.1 - Moonmon, Kazemon, and Viximon would lose levels after evolving, growth rates were a bit wonky and inconsistent, Troopmon would evolve into Kokuwamon, Ice Fang had 75 PP
Version 2.0 - A.Kazemon's sprite is a green Unown, unique attacks have glitched descriptions, Wanyamon isn't actually catchable in the game (lol), Datamon using Recycle would crash the game, Sucker Punch would do nothing
Version 1 - Mostly just an aesthetic change to Vanilla Fire Red. More or less just a swap-out of Pokemon sprites for Digimon sprites.


-Don't go "Shiny hunting" because there are no shinies in the game. Sorry.
-No need to go fishing more than once. Only one Digimon can be caught via fishing: Manbomon.
-While all Digimon are viable, some have higher stats than others. They generally run on "short-term gain, low investment" vs.
"high investment, high payoff" archetypes. If you come across a horribly weak baby Digimon, chances are it will grow up to be
a total monster if you put in the time.
-The game is about 1.5x to 2x times harder than the original Fire Red, so casual players should have a good time with it. It's no pushover, but hardcore nuzlockers and such might want to come up with their own rules to make the game more challenging. Expect a considerable difficulty spike at the Elite Four.

Constructive feedback and play testers welcome! Thanks!
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-EDIT 9/15/2021- This is outdated information. Version 2.0 has plenty of Ultimates and Megas.


Though rare, there are indeed some Ultimates and Megas, as you can see in the screenshot above (Myotismon, of course, is an Ultimate). The game is mostly Rookies and Champions however. I wanted to keep the power scaling mostly under control.
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Hi Guzeinbuick,

Love the digimon concept! Pokemon and digimon came out about the same time but digimon didnt receive as much attention as pokemon BUT i am glad i could play pokemon as digimons (or is it digimon as pokemons... lol)...

Are you able to convert it to .gba format please? the gba emulator on my android phone wont read .ips files :(
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Hi berserkerzx,

Thanks for the support! I had a lot of fun making it.

I believe linking GBA files are against the forum rules.

All you have to do is download a clean version of a Fire Red ROM (off Google) and a program called Lunar IPS (also off Google).

Fire up Lunar IPS, load your clean rom into it, and then load my Digimon IPS into it. This will transform the ROM file into Digimon Nova Red. Enjoy!
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-EDIT 9/15/2021- This is outdated information. Version 2.0 has plenty more Ultimates and Megas.

Hi zapperil,

Depends on your definition of "signature" lol

I consider this a pretty big spoiler, so click at your own risk. Below is a list of the Ultimates and Megas that are available in the game:


As far as Digimon belonging to the DigiDestined go, Angewomon is the only Ultimate. The rest of the DigiDestined's Digimon appear as In-Trainings, Rookies, and Champions.

Other Ultimates/Megas include:

Lucemon X

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My pleasure. No other plans at the moment. I have wild dreams of supercharging Digimon Nova Red one day. Ideally, a Digimon would have potentially six forms. The evolution breakdown would look something like this:

Levels 5-10 Botamon
Levels 10-20 Koromon
Levels 20-35 Agumon
Levels 35-50 Greymon
Levels 50-65 MetalGreymon
Levels 65+ Wargreymon

But that's obviously a much more ambitious idea. For now I want to see how well Digimon Nova Red 1.0 is received. If there's a positive reception I can begin thinking about making a Version 2.0. :)
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Hi 10:22,

Thanks for your feedback! In my opinion, the idea of a "back sprite" is kind of obsolete. I prefer the concept of a "side sprite" instead.
For example,

Sadly, I don't have the artistic talent to draw new side sprites from scratch, so some of the in-training and rookie level Digimon side sprites have only subtle differences from their front sprites.
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Hi pika1025, thanks for your feedback!

Hi MegaKabutops, thanks for your inquiry. I can easily throw together a comprehensive list of every Digimon's stat changes and move pool and post it here, if you don't mind the spoilers. I'm on vacation right now away from my laptop though so you'd have to wait about a week.

But yes, Wormon will evolve into Stingmon, which is like Beedrill but with higher stats and a better movepool. It's quite viable.
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You can branching digimon evoltions since the digimon evoltions lines are not liner but more like of three since they can evolve to multiple digimon can you add pulsemon s line its actualy very similar to pikachu as its sort of mascot and realted to electric and energy i think its line in game would be its in training form pulsemon bulkmon boutmon and kazucimon from bulkmon and above it could an electric fighting in pokemon standrats
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The hack looks really good, keep up the good job! :D

If I may suggest, how about starting the lines with Rookie > Champion > Ultimate > Mega?

Something like: Agumon > Greymon (Lv. 16 if ATK > DEF) > MetalGreymon (Lv. 36) > WarGreymon (Lv. 56) > Omegamon (using DNA Splicers with MetalGarurumon).

GeoGreymon (Lv. 16 if ATK < DEF) > RizeGreymon (Lv. 36) > ShineGreymon (Lv. 56) > ShineGreymon Burst Mode (Shiny Stone).

ShineGreymon Ruin Mode (Dusk Stone).
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Hi EmiyaShirou525,

Thanks for your feedback and also the positive encouragement!

Yes, I noticed some of the previous Digimon Romhacks out there were more Mega-focused. But to be honest, something about Greymon being a stand-in for Charmeleon instead of Charizard just never felt right with me.

This would also set a dangerous precedent that would basically turn the game into a Mega-fest. I feel like this is a problem because Digimon designs start to really go off the wayside past Champion. Also Ultimates and Megas tend to either be so huge or so detailed that I couldn't possibly fit most of them into a 64x64 pixel box.

For example, this is what Machinedramon is supposed to look like:

And here's my adorable squished-down version:

Long story short, I want an Ultimate sighting to make the player say "whoa," and I want a Mega to be so astonishing it makes the player say "wow!" If the game is loaded up with God-tiers all the way through I feel they tend to lose their impact.

If I could get some feedback, how do you feel about Digimon having more branching evolutionary lines? For example, what if Armadillomon had four potential forms: Anklyomon (through level-up), Submarimon (water stone), Drillmon (some other stone), and Shakkoumon (some other stone)? I kind of like the idea of having way more flexibility with the Typings of your team, but I'm not sure if it would be too overwhelming for players.