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Pokémon Clubs This forum is for those who wish to start a club within the community. This forum is for Pokémon clubs; Fan Clubs & Groups is for everything else.
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Old 5 Hours Ago (05:23 PM).
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Quote originally posted by TheShinyEevee:
Yeah, I just used codes to get access to the event. I did the tweak glitch originally, but I got right to the end of the glitch, where shaymin is, and saved in the wrong spot... so I broke my file. I just bought an AR out of anger after that xD
Congrats on the Stunky.. and Nidoran.. and Ariados!XD
You've inspired me to try for my own Shiny Shaymin. I tried Tweaking Glitch for a while, but I never could get it to work (though I did make the game freeze up once, which is more than I've ever achieved with it). Even after watching several "easy" tutorials, I got frustrated and gave into digging up my old AR. Now I'm at Flower Paradise and SRing like a madman. I'm hoping that it doesn't take anywhere near 14,000 resets. ><

Thanks! xD

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Old 5 Hours Ago (05:45 PM). Edited 4 Hours Ago by Saronai.
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Quote originally posted by Dedenne1:
As much as u get sick of breeding for shinies and i rather trade for them u never know if they are 100% legit and was dissapointed when i found 3 of my fav shinies are hacks which stinks so i did a little breeding which im not great at and found a shiny Poocheyna with moxie! Along with some egg moves i was also breeding some pokemon with some perfect ivs to do so so it may also have good ivs also good the pokemon i used had 5ivs not 100% perfect but close enough and was only missing SpAtk so its pretty perfects now im taking another break!
I know what you mean there. I don't really treasure the ones I get from trade for many reasons. There are a few exceptions, but one of the main reasons is not knowing for sure if they're hacked. Following right along behind that is not being able to give them a special nickname. Then lagging behind but still a factor, they end up not feeling as "earned" as a legit shiny.

I don't mind TSV hatching trades though because you're lucky to get a match in a giveaway anyway, you get to pick the name, and if you personally bred it and had someone else hatch it for you, you know it's legit, and if you get it from a giveaway...well...people who hack shinies generally don't then do all the work involved in creating a giveaway of them as a bunch of eggs...if you can even hack the eggs. I don't know, I steer clear of my powersave's editing functions, no matter how much I want certain eeveelutions in apricorn balls for my own collection lol.

Even then, not as awesome as hatching/catching your own based in the pure luck of the game.

Welcome to the club, Gengarteeth and good luck with your shaymin KKN

Edit to add: Oh, and grats on your shiny moxie poochyena too Dedenne!
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Ooooh good luck KKN! Story time, I actually only picked up my systems to SR shaymin the day I got it because the night before, someone made a comment on tumblr about how happy they were to talk to me. (That sounds so big headed ah >_< their words, not mine!) It really inspired me, so, spreading the inspiration round?XD
Anywho I hope it is a lot faster for you!

And yeah Saronai, I know what you mean about them feeling earned (as there's literally no other reason anyone would be insane enough to hunt 1/8192). The shinies I get in trades just end up as trade fodder in a separate box.

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